Last Wednesday, I threw on Jeff Buckley - Live in Chicago and got to work. One of the times I glanced at the TV screen, a thought occurred to me: Robert Pattinson could pull off a decent Jeff Buckley. He's only a few years younger than the musician was during the creation of Grace; he's a got a slew of musical talents; and has a similar look. Heck, I even tweeted about it. Only a few days later, in a turn that taps into my collective conscience/coincidence question, there's a mass of buzz about a Buckley biopic.

ABC News reports that Pattinson and James Franco are in a showdown to play the musician in the upcoming biopic. There's not much beef to this account, and they get it wrong that "Hallelujah" was released posthumously (it was on Grace), so it doesn't seem definitive. However, an older news release down under explains things in detail. The Sunday Mail reports that Buckley's mother Mary Guibert is overseeing the project, with producers Michelle Sy (Finding Neverland) and Orion Williams (Control !!) and screenwriter Ryan Jaffe (the less-promising The Rocker). (With the inclusion of Sy and Guibert, this must be the project that began cooking three years ago, although writer/director Brian Jun is not mentioned.)

The script is pending, and this news release increases the possible cast roster, stating that Pattinson, Franco, Jared Leto, and James Marsden are up for the role. Guibert says: "Whoever gets the part will need a lot of self-discipline because they won't be able to fake it. It's going to take a phenomenal set of skills."

I would think that outs Franco, who is the only one without musical inclinations. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I find references to him being an artist, but not a musician.) I'd also out Cyclops, who just doesn't look the part, and is more inclined to play country music. So that leaves Pattinson and Leto. The latter could do it, but he's 37 now -- a wee bit old for the gig. So, that leaves Pattinson. Before the Twilight-phobic scoff, the dude does have the musical background: he plays the guitar and piano, he composes his own music, he's performed live, and keeps it as a backup plan if acting doesn't pan out.

I could go on for another 300+ words, but I'll wrap it up here and ask you: Who do you think should play Buckley in this project? Keep in mind -- he started recording the songs that would pop up in Grace in his early-mid twenties, began touring in his late twenties, and died at the age of 30 on May 29, 1997 (which was my 20th birthday -- thanks, Powers That Be).