The Princess and the Frog

Disney returns to old school 2-D animation (is that still legal?) with this feature about Princess Tiana who lives in New Orleans during the Jazz age. If I'm not mistaken, this character represents the first African-American addition to the Disney Princess line. I'm not quite in the right age group here, but this is what Disney does best so I'm betting the kids will love it. The amphibious lovin' commences on November 25.

Chicago director Rob Marshall helms this film based on the Tony Award-winning 1982 musical. A film director suffers from both creative and personal crises while balancing the the many women in his life. I can enjoy a well produced stage musical, but they rarely work for me onscreen. Watch for it on November 25.

This one will have you looking at your XBox 360 in a whole new way. In the not too distant future, convicted felons serve as player characters in a real life video game and the survivor gets to go free. The influences of The Running Man and the recent Death Race seem pretty obvious. Gerard Butler and Dexter's Michael C. Hall star so this may be worth a look come September 4.

Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus
Sadly, there's no way in hell this monster mash up is going to be as good as the trailer, but this is one big honkin' slice of awesome. The Asylum is known for producing cheap knock offs of big budget flicks, though this time they're shooting for something a slightly more original. I say slightly because this story in which the titular creatures are pitted against one another in hopes of eliminating both is swiped from King Kong Vs. Godzilla and countless giant monster flicks since. How big are these creatures? Wait till you see the shark pull a 747 out of the sky. If only there were some has-been/quasi-celebrities in the cast. Oh wait, it stars Lorenzo Lamas and (THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU!) Debbie Gibson. The DVD hits on May 19, but I imagine it's only a matter of time before it starts playing relentlessly on the Sci Fi Channel.

Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Yes, Tyler Perry's back and he's still wearing a dress as he resumes the role of Madea. If you've liked Perry's previous films -- and judging from the box office numbers many have -- this provides more of the same. Movies that derive their comedy from men in drag give me the hives, so I will find entertainment elsewhere when this releases on September 11.

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