You gotta respect Hannah Montana. Where her comrades in arms, the Jonas Brothers, were just recently defeated, she has emerged bloodied but victorious. Her $34 million weekend is roughly on par with her own concert film, which opened to $31 million last February on about a quarter of the screens -- I think that range pretty well represents the Hannah Montana brand's draw at this point in time. Concert Tour dropped pretty swiftly after that, topping out at $65 million; the narrative film may have slightly better legs, though last fall's High School Musical 3 faded out pretty quickly too.

The weekend's neatest trick is the $11 million for Observe and Report: not a standout opening for Seth Rogen (though slightly stronger than Zack and Miri Make a Porno), but impressive considering that Observe & Report is basically a twisted art film that doesn't belong in wide release by any traditional measure. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that Warners managed to pull this off; I just wanted to highlight the achievement. Given that the movie has even freaked out much of the usually hardy critical community, I'm dying to see how and if it holds up at the box office. The other R-rated comedy that premiered at SXSW, I Love You, Man, has thrived, dropping 17% in its 4th week on its way to a cheerful $75 million. But that movie is, oh, 50 times more accessible.

As for Fox's Dragonball Evolution: not so much. I think they might have been a couple years too late in capitalizing on the brand, as the kids who were really into the franchise when it was hot grew up a bit and lost interest. $4.6 million stings.

More, and the top 10, after the jump.

Fast & Furious took a big fall, which is not surprising for a movie that opened to $70 million and bad reviews. It should still become the highest-grossing film in the franchise in a couple of weeks. And after rebounding a bit this week, Monsters vs. Aliens looks like it will ultimately wind up somewhere in the vicinity of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa ($180 million).

1 - Hannah Montana: The Movie (Disney) - $34.00 ($10,904) - $34.00
2 - Fast & Furious (Universal) - $28.78 ($8,290) - $118.04
3 - Monsters vs. Aliens (Dreamworks Animation) - $22.61 ($5,468) - $141.01
4 - Observe & Report (Warner Bros) - $11.14 ($4,085) - $11.14
5 - Knowing (Summit) - $6.67 ($2,280) - $68.01
6 - I Love You, Man (Dreamworks) - $6.41 ($2,426) - $59.00
7 - The Haunting in Connecticut (Lionsgate) - $5.71 ($2,098) - $46.30
8 - Dragonball Evolution (Fox) - $4.65 ($2,312) - $4.65
9 - Adventureland (Miramax) - $3.43 ($1,830) - $11.45
10 - Duplicity (Universal) - $3.00 ($1,525) - $36.85

Next weekend will probably belong to the Disney Channel-ish 17 Again (which is also, oddly enough, Burr Steers' follow-up to Igby Goes Down). It'll go up against the brainy-looking State of Play and Lionsgate's not-screened Crank: High Voltage.