As we speak, ShoWest is going on in Las Vegas, where studios are making announcements and previewing new footage. Here's a wrap up from around the web of what's been seen so far:

Sherlock Holmes
-- The trailer premiered at ShoWest, and everyone agrees that Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes is not the pipe-smoker of old. Slashfilm was surprised at how comical the footage was: "It felt a little like the humor of Disney's Pirates of the Carribbean films. Fans of Ritchie might be interested to know that the director's stylish cinematography was definitely intact. During a sequence showing the barenuckle pitfight, Holmes' punches are executed in a slow motion style reminiscent of the video game Fight Night. And while the film isn't set in modern day, the trailer had a very contemporary in-you-face edit."

Latino Review has a blow-by-blow of the trailer, and concludes that it "looks to be a cool mix of action and humor. Sometimes the dialogue was hard to understand because every actor seemed to have a different English accent." No one has a negative thing to say about it, except regarding Robert Downey Jr.'s iffy British accent. (Hey, anyone who saw Restoration should have seen that coming.)

Terminator Salvation
-- There wasn't any new footage presented, except Slashfilm notes that Linda Hamilton does appear in the film as ... a photograph held by Kyle Reese. Nice bit of continuity, but nowhere near a cameo yet.

Tron 2
-- The film is officially retitled Tron and the ComicCon footage made another appearance -- but this time in 3-D. Collider freaked over it. "This was my first time seeing the Tron footage and it absolutely blew me away. If you're a fan of the original Tron, this sequel looks so amazing you are going to freak out when you see it in 3-D. Seriously. It will rock your world. This was easily the best thing I saw at the convention and I don't know what else is going to come close." Principal photography begins on the film in a few weeks.

Toy Story -- the first two Toy Story films are getting the 3-D treatment (which we already knew), and both will be rereleased into theaters as a sepcial double feature on October 3, which will also be the premiere of the Toy Story 3 trailer. It too will be in 3-D. No footage has been seen, but Collider thinks it will be incredible based on what they saw with Tron.

Beauty and the Beast
-- it will also get the 3-D treatment and a theatrical rerelease on February 12, 2010. Once again, according to Collider: "They showed us the opening song "Belle" in 3-D and I have to say it looked great. While it's not as good as a movie made in 3-D, for new audiences that haven't seen this amazing movie, they'll love it."

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
-- No footage was screened, but Disney showed off some concept art. Latino Review says it was incredible, "shots of the Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, White Rabbit, the feet of the Queen of Hearts, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, a picture of Alice walking through a gate into a garden filled with giant mushrooms (or has she shrunk?), and the Queen's castle. We also saw a picture of Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter, but with his head down so we couldn't see his face, but it looked the same as the photo that snuck out on the internet last year." Slashfilm says the film will get an IMAX 3-D release on November 5, 2010.