Drag Me to Hell
Sam Raimi has a new horror movie? How can this not be a good thing? Yes, he's been directing the adventures of Spider-Man in recent years (and really should have stopped before the third installment), but Raimi's first film was the horror classic The Evil Dead, and The Evil Dead 2 was one of the few sequels to improve upon the original. The plot for Drag Me To Hell is fueled by that old horror movie chestnut, the gypsy curse. When a young bank officer refuses to give a payment extension to an old woman, she is soon being stalked by a demonic entity which, as the title says, ultimately wants to take her to hell for all eternity. This one hits on May 29th.

The Orphan
Here's the latest entry in the long running "creepy little kid" sub-genre of horror, and it reminds me quite a bit of 2007's Joshua. A seemingly angelic child is adopted by a loving family but things take a dark turn when bad things start happening to anyone who wrongs the newest addition to the family. Nothing too original here, but it could be good for a few scares. No release info for this one yet, in fact it's not even listed on IMDB.

Here's another one of those coming out of your shell/coming of age romantic comedies. You can see elements of Garden State, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and a handful of similar flicks. A man in his twenties is stuck in a rut but starts to find himself thanks to a beautiful carnival worker. No release info for this one either, but it doesn't look like anything we haven't seen before.

Sixteen years after Boxing Helena, David Lynch's daughter Jennifer is back in the director's chair. An FBI agent (Bill Pullman) is tracking a serial killer and he gets very different stories from three witnesses to one of the murders. There's Lynchian creepiness here which is kind of reminiscent of Twin Peaks and I liked Pullman in David's Lost Highway. This one gets a limited release on June 26.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Playing sort of like a real life This is Spinal Tap, this Rockumentary follows the Canadian metal band Anvil on their largest tour ever. After a fairly auspicious start in the 1980s, the band has languished in obscurity ever since. The band's "never say die" attitude is downright inspiring. Look for this in limited release on April 10.

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