Talk all you want about Sundance, but some of my favorite films often come out of the Slamdance Film Festival, Sundance's illegitimate dorky little half-cousin. While Sundance features clean, glamorous "message movies" starring people you're very familiar with, Slamdance films are a little rough around the edges; cultish with a touch of fanboyish flavor. Oh, and their docs are always very good. Last year saw Dear Zachary come out of Slamdance, and the year before was The King of Kong. One of the docs entering the 2009 Slamdance Film Fest with a little buzz behind it is Zombie Girl: The Movie, a doc about a 12-year-old girl who attempts to make her own feature-length zombie flick. Not only is it ridiculously hard to make your own feature-length film on a shoestring budget (I know from experience), but imagine if it was a horror movie ... and you were 12. Check out the trailer below, and learn more about Zombie Girl: The Movie over on its official website.

Check out the Spooner trailer after the jump ...

Then you have the Slamdance films starring actors or actresses who had a good run back in the day, but then kind of faded into ... remember them? Matthew Lillard (Scream) seems to be one of those actors, and although he finds work here and there, you have to admit the dude peaked a long time ago. Well, now he's back in a film called Spooner, which looks to be a dorky coming-of-age tale about a 30-year-old guy who, facing eviction from his parents home, meets the girl of his dreams who may just help him learn how to finally grow up. I know, it sounds so festival-ish, but the director, Drake Doremus, is one heckuva talented young filmmaker, and his short film The Shirt was so totally absurd and hilarious (I wish it was online to show you). So we're giving this one a shot, and you can check out the trailer and a scene from the film below, and the official website over here.

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