Here's some stuff (and things) to take with you into the weekend:

-- We'll be highlighting and previewing some of the films from the 2009 Sundance Film Festival real soon, but you horror hounds HAVE to check out this freakishly over-the-top trailer for the German Norwegian flick Dead Snow, which will premiere in the Midnight section in Park City. It's in Norwegian, but I believe some teenagers find Nazi gold during their snowy camping trip and then have to deal with its Nazi owners who rise from the dead ready to kick white-boy ass. That's a photo from the film above. [via Shock, who have more pics)]

-- And, ahem, speaking of Nazis, how would you like to take a trip to New York City with your entire book club? Well, in conjunction with the film The Reader, they're hosting a sweepstakes where the grand prize allows five people (or one book group) roundtrip airfare to NYC, hotel accommodations and lunch with The Reader author Bernhard Schlink. Visit the official website for more details.

-- Back to the living dead, seems like Sigourney Weaver is talking Ghostbusters again -- but, unlike previous times, now she's interested in returning for another go-round. She told MTV that she's "supposed to get in touch with Bill Murray next week" regarding the sequel, and also offered up a potential new character: "I would hope that my little Oscar would be one of the Ghostbusters even if I'm not in it!" Oh, and the Ghostbusters video game is finally coming out this June; check out a trailer for it below.

After the jump ... Shia Labeouf's hand screws up again, Miley Cyrus needs a babysitter and more.

-- Shia LaBeouf's injured hand is once again up to no good, as Fox reports the actor has dropped out of Neil Burger's (The Illusionist) Dark Fields because his hand just wasn't well enough yet. The search is now on for a replacement in the film which follows a man who stumbles across a "smart pill".

-- The National Board of Review has named Slumdog Millionaire the best film of the year, while David Fincher took directing honors for Benjamin Button. Clint Eastwood took home best actor for Gran Torino, and Anne Hathaway snorted up best actress for Rachel Getting Married. Other awards included best ensemble cast (Doubt), best foreign film (Mongol) and best documentary (Man on Wire). [Variety]

-- Remember that Adventures in Babysitting sequel (or remake -- which is it?) starring [That's So] Raven Symone? Well, it's still happening and guess which other Disney hot shot just hopped onboard? Yup, Miley Cyrus. The Chicago Sun Times tells us the film will hit theaters in 2010. Isn't Miley a little too old to have a babysitter?

-- Are you one of the many jobless circulating Hollywood right now. Studios are laying off left and right, and now word has it both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are losing dead weight. One person even started a website called The Hollywood Temp Diaries to a) write about how much temping sucks, and b) help the unemployed find temping jobs. Wait ... nevermind.