As Thanksgiving approaches, we've got the wild superhero Hancock crashing into shelves. While it might have been led by mega-star Will Smith, it didn't get much love from critics and certainly bowed in the shadows of some old-school, established superheroes. That being said, it's still Will Smith and is said to have a powerful start that just falls flat. Teamed with a bunch of solid special features, it's worth a glimpse. Rent it.

Meet Dave

And then there's Eddie Murphy. In his latest wacky film, Murphy gets to play a human spacecraft for a bunch of tiny aliens. The DVD holds the obligatory extras -- gag reel, deleted scenes, alternate ending -- but I'd still say Skip it, even if the box office still gives the dude love.

Freaks and Geeks Yearbook Edition
No, this isn't a film. But considering the fact that this is Judd Apatow's baby, and starred the likes of big-screen names Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, James Franco, Samm Levine, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel, it's certainly a great addition to any DVD shelf. Tons of extras, tons of fun. Buy it.

Other mainstream releases: Superman Doomsday, Space Chimps, Fred Claus

For the most part, the Blu-Ray releases this week are just the leading first-releases -- Fred Claus, Hancock, Meet Dave, Space Chimps, and Superman: Doomsday

However, there are two older releases you might want to see in crisp, impressive glory:

-- Want to see if Jake Gyllenhaal's buttocks are dimpled?
The Kingdom -- Just in case Hancock isn't enough, here's more Peter Berg action.

Were you at a standstill trying to decide what discs to pick up for the day of Thanks, or for the Black day that follows? There are a ton of great collector's releases to check out.

Criterion releases, which mean great films and great content:

Bottle Rocket

Chunking Express

Spy Who Came in from the Cold


The Atomic Cafe Collector's Edition -- Propaganda and paranoia in cinematic form. What could be more appropriate for the holidays?

Pink Panther Ultimate Collection

David Lynch - The Lime Green Set

The main releases to look out for are listed under the Collector's banner, but here are the other releases hitting shelves. Some are new, some old, and some I bet you've never heard of:

Another Life, Beautiful Ohio, Birthday, Conjurer, Dead of Winter, Dirty Cop No Donut, Girls in Chains, Jolts of the Heart, Kemper, Lady with the Dog, Madhouse, Mahabharata, Mark of Cain, Part-Time Work of a Domestic Slave, A Perfect Day, Psychic Killer, River Queen, Silence of the Sea, Still Life, Two Tigers, The Zeiram Duology

The Kingdom