As any hardcore Little Shop of Horrors fan can tell you -- and there are tons of us -- the 1986 cinematic version once had a much darker ending ... one that was much more in line with the dual source material of this musical and this Corman flick. But since this was 1986 and Frank Oz's movie had a lot of funny people in it ... a few test audiences deemed the finale too dark, and so we got a so-so ending tacked on to an otherwise excellent musical comedy.

When Warner Bros. first released Little Shop of Horrors on DVD, the original ending was included as part of the special features -- but that release was recalled right quick, which means that most of us actually own this particular DVD. But now, through the magic of YouTube + Cinematical, we can finally sit down and pick through the original ending of Little Shop. Obviously it's not "final print" material in any way, but you can definitely get enough to make you wish, oh I dunno, that someone would toss some money at the flick and let Frank Oz re-create a director's cut.

So if you own the "original" WB DVD, well goody for you. The rest of us can watch the fascinating footage right after the jump...

Part A:

Part B:

Part C:

So why was the original DVD recalled? Some pointless argument between WB and David Geffen. For more on the original ending of Little Shop of Horrors, you should obviously refer to Wikipedia.