No, I'm not talking about infinite playlists. This post will require you to go back 74 years.

An entire lifetime ago, Hollywood presented The Thin Man. Based on the Dashiell Hammett novel, the film starred William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles. Nick was a retired private detective who gave up the life when he married his rich, socialite wife, Nora. There was a mystery to bring it all together, but all of that is almost inconsequential to the banter and chemistry between the irresistible leads.

They're often drunk or tipsy, and they each hunker down in their own solitary beds when the lights go out, but Nick and Nora are a couple that put today's Hollywood pairs to shame. Their communication is laced with quick-witted banter, which thrives not just because of its cleverness, but because of their relationship. Nick and Nora are at peace with each other. They know where they stand. They know how to communicate honestly. They don't take trivial matters too seriously. They are, for lack of a better word, solid.

It's a shame that watching a film from 74 years ago could inspire such awe and respect laced with such modern disappointment. This is an Oscar-nominated film with a number of sequels and an undeniable fan following. The audience is there, yet what have we received since then?

Bickering couples who don't trust each other.

Ridiculous misunderstandings that breed turmoil and drama.


Must Hollywood be so lazy? Time and time again, we've been given these trite and overused storylines as if they are necessary for plot development and humor. Two characters from 7 decades ago shouldn't out-modernize the couples we get today. I shouldn't be so shocked and overjoyed when Nora walks in on a woman embracing Nick, and all she does is make a silly face at him.

Can't we have plots that don't rely on tenuous relationships and films that display other ways a relationship can manifest?
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