What's missing from Quentin Tarantino's balls-to-the-wall WWII flick Inglourious Basterds (besides accurate spelling)? I'll tell you what -- Samuel L. "Motherf**king Jackson. The Playlist reports that Jackson has joined the cast as a narrator who pops up in only a few spots. Additionally, Maggie Cheung has signed on to play "Madame Mimieux, the French matron of the Cinematheque that takes in the protagonist Shosanna (Melanie Laurent) when she is homeless and being sought by the Nazis."

It looks like Tatum O'Neal is back on track after her drug bust earlier this year, grabbing new work that is matching her with some old and familiar faces. The Hollywood Reporter posts that O'Neal has signed on for a new suspense drama along with Tom Berenger and James Brolin called Last Will. Directed by Brent Huff, the film stars O'Neal as a midwestern woman framed for the murder of her rich husband (Berenger). She's arrested by a detective (Brolin), and sets out to find out who really killed her spouse. It sounds like you're everyday suspence flick, but there's even more faces you might recognize on the roster -- Brigitte Nielsen, Patrick Muldoon, William Shockley, Jeffery Dean, Shawn Huff, and a Zappa of the Moon Unit variety.

In other news, Variety reports that Warner Brothers has picked up a spec called Bobbie Sue. Written by Russel Leigh Sharman, Owen Egerton, and Chris Mass, the project centers on "a hard-charging female ambulance chaser." Her determined mindset ends up getting her tapped to be the face of a prestigious law firm when a big client gets nabbed in a sexual discrimination case. I imagine there will then be some conflict between the client's sexist ways and her own outlook on the subject. But who could star? I imagine she'd have to be about 30 (some years under the belt but a career ahead of her), and lots of drive and spunk. Any ideas?

additional reporting by Erik Davis