This week I'm taking a look at trailers chosen purely on the basis of how much they caught my eye.

Marley and Me
What caught my attention here was the idea that Owen Wilson is yet again playing a man wrestling with his inability to grow up, kind of like he did in Wedding Crashers and You Me and Dupree. Is this a groove or a rut? This time out Wilson is playing a married man who is unsure about whether or not he's ready to be a father, so he and his wife (played by Jennifer Aniston) test the parental waters by getting a dog. There's lots of cute doggie hijinx on display here, but between the Beethoven flashbacks and the fact that I've yet to see a really good Jennifer Aniston movie, I think I'll be passing on this one.

Sunshine Cleaning
In this indie comedy, two down on their luck sisters launch a business in which they clean up after crime scenes and untimely deaths. It's no one's dream job, but I can see there being a market for it. This is being touted as coming from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, and one of that film's stars (Alan Arkin) appears here as the sisters' father. We've got some laughs and endearing characters here and there's a scene with Amy Adams lounging fetchingly in her underwear. I'll be watching for this one. Check out Kim's review of the film.

Junior College Venereal Disease? Nope, this particular acronym stands for Jean-Claude Van Damme (who I still find myself calling Jean-Claude God Damn) who stars more or less as himself in this action/comedy/drama hybrid. Like pretty much everyone, Van Damme isn't as young as he once was and the life of an aging action star can be a stressful one. He has money troubles, his wife is trying to take custody of their daughter and he's in danger of losing a role to Stephen Seagal. Soon he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and the police think he has taken hostages in a post office. I'm not a fan of Van Damme's work, but thanks to this trailer and James Rocchi's review of the film, I'm looking forward to a Jean-Claude Van Damme film for the first time.

Christmas on Mars
This is definitely my WTF trailer of the week. It's Christmas time on a Martian colony, but the oxygen generation unit explodes, the artificial gravity needs adjustment, a baby is being born and a green alien super-being arrives. Oh, and it stars the members of The Flaming Lips. The sets and effects look slightly better than the Tom Baker era Dr. Who episodes, but I'm getting a sort of early '70s psychedelic flavor as well. This has played a few festivals but I suspect it's heading straight to DVD. I just have to see what this is all about.

The Children

I'm not entirely sure if this is a remake of the ultra-cheezy but occasionally creepy film of the same name from 1980, but based on what I'm seeing here it's at least a possibility. There are two trailers out: the one at and this one at the official site. Both are the briefest of teasers, showing a bloody doll and a closeup of a child who is obviously evil and both end with a release date that has long since passed. The official site is pretty bare bones too, but the synopsis there explains that this is about two families getting together to celebrate Christmas when the young 'uns mysteriously get all murderous and stuff. The filmmakers don't do themselves any favors by showing so little, but they've piqued my curiosity so I suppose it's mission accomplished.

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