Busy Friday in Hollywood -- here, let us catch you up:

-- While being on television didn't get the Sex and the City women strong cinematic careers, proving themselves in the feature film has got the casting ball rolling. Just the other day I posted how Kristin Davis was heading to a Couples Retreat, and now Samantha is getting her time to shine. Variety reports that Kim Cattrall is going to star in a new film called Miss January, from writer/director Keith Bearden. Unlike the success the actress earned after her early Mannequin days, her character is "a 1980s cinema siren who is now a 50-year-old single mother in the middle of a child custody battle." Will putting down the Manolos and picking up the kidlets get Cattrall some awards love?

-- Seems Summit it keen on keeping their Sex Drive on high, seeing as they've put that film's creators, Sean Anders and John Morris, in charge of a new comedy about -- and check out this morbid concept -- a dude who knocks up his one-night stand, then is forced to take care of the baby when the mother is killed in a car wreck. While you try to find the humor in that one ...

... this should certainly make you laugh: According to AICN, Brett Ratner is a lock to direct the new Conan film. Not sure why Ratner's the choice here (especially since this film's main character is a male full of muscles), but apparently the idea is to go back to square one and see if they can't franchise this sucker. I personally think Conan's a little too deep for The Brett, but I guess we'll see ...

-- Variety reports that Rob Reiner is set to direct Lou Berney's adaptation of Peter Ferry's Travel Writing. The novel pits a love story against a murder investigation -- an English teacher witnesses a car crash into a tree, killing the young, female driver inside. The ordeal overwhelms the man -- leading him to neglect his work and girlfriend so that he may feed his obsession about the slain driver. The interesting twist that could make this a pretty interesting movie -- "Pete addresses much of his narrative to his English class, and it is not clear whether the reader is meant to believe that the car accident and ensuing intrigues have actually happened, or if Pete has invented them to teach his students a lesson about storytelling." Have any of you read it, and is it cinematic?

-- Will Ferrell is looking to capitalize on our current addiction to political impersonations by hitting Broadway this January in a solo show called You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush. Ferrell's longtime collaborator Adam McKay will direct, and it will be a good chance to see one of the greatest (and funniest) Bush impersonations before it's finally time to say goodbye ... for now. {Variety}

additional reporting from Erik Davis