Man is M. Night Shyamalan ever a strange dude -- and this is coming from probably one of the biggest fans he has left.

In this interview with Sci-Fi Wire, the filmmaker announces that he is still contemplating making a sequel to Unbreakable, his 2000 comic book genre-bender. He doesn't quite have the story, but says that "I know me: As soon as I give up on it is when the idea will come to me." Fantastic! Seeing as Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies of the decade, I'm obviously excited about any prospect of Shyamalan returning to that universe. And maybe it's just the ticket to restore his suddenly-struggling career.

But then I read the rest of the article, and... uh... he needs to hire a (better) publicist. Discussing how he felt after Unbreakable's mixed reception, he says that he was heartbroken, lamenting: "God, I took so many incredible risks." And then, as he describes his (quite correct) realization that the film actually has a good number of admirers, he relates this anecdote: "I'll be on the street, and some kid will run across traffic with it in his backpack--he just is carrying it in his backpack--and he'll be running [saying], 'I can't believe it's you!' Will you sign my Unbreakable DVD?' And quoting the thing and all that stuff."

Okay. So both times, I get what he's trying to convey. He did, I think, make a tremendously ambitious movie with Unbreakable, and got punished for it. And I'm sure he was gratified to learn that there are fans of the film out there. I even believe his anecdote about the kid with the DVD in his backpack. But who says things like "I took so many incredible risks"? Incredible risks? And who would tell that story without a hint of irony of self-effacement? It's not Shyamalan's pompousness that strikes me, it's the tone-deafness. Does he not know how these quotes make him appear?

Anyway: Unbreakable sequel. Yes please.