Happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters. May 5769 kick a whole lot more ass than 5768. While over 98% of Hollywood takes the day off, here's what's happening:

Variety reports that Michael Bay has taken a page from Christopher Nolan and will shoot "at least three action set pieces" using IMAX cameras during Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Usually I'd reserve this spot for a Bay joke, but I truly think this is a great thing for a film like Transformers. The action scenes in the last one felt claustrophobic (especially toward the end), and so utilizing IMAX would allow Bay and Co. to open it up and really have fun with the thing. Visually, this could add a lot to the film. Hopefully they'll use it for some massive robot battle. Other films also mentioned in the article as possible contenders for a similar IMAX approach include Iron Man 2 and Y: The Last Man.

Looks like the old gang is making a play for Spider-Man 4 (and 5?), as Kirsten Dunst told MTV that she's "in" when asked whether she'd be returning to the mega-franchise as Peter Parker's old lady, Mary Jane. However, she did follow that up with "I'm not saying anything. I know there's rumors ..." -- which, in actor-speak, means "We're still negotiating and I'm not really allowed to open my big mouth." I'd expect a big announcement soon stating the return of Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst for a back-to-back shoot of Spider-Man 4 and 5.

Thomas Dekker (aka that dude who stars in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) is in talks to snag a lead role in MGM's remake of Fame, so says The Hollywood Reporter. The original 1980 film, which was nominated for six Oscars, follows several aspiring young performers and teachers at the prestigious New York Academy of Performing Arts. Considering the times we live in, I envision this update to feel like a mix between Step Up, You Got Served and American Idol: The Movie.

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Quick Hits

-- Michael Cera chats with Moviefone. On what he would include in the ideal mix tape: "'Thriller' and -- let's see -- I'd put 'Do Right Woman' by Aretha Franklin, and that's it. Just those two songs. But I'd put them both about 10 times, alternating back and forth. I like to mystify people with my CDs." On a potential Arrested Development movie: "I don't know. I haven't talked to Mitch [Hurwitz, the creator] in a while, but I don't know if he's interested in it or not ... It'd have to be good to be worth doing. It might be pushing our luck a bit. It's nice to get out early. I really love that 'The Office' [the BBC version] did that and did it so nicely. I savor the show and the Christmas special. I think that's a real skill -- knowing when to end it. I know with us, it wasn't necessarily a choice, but I think it wrapped up nicely. So yeah, to revisit that and try and get back into that, it'd be challenging. But I'm sure if we all thought it was going to be good, I think it could be fun. (More: Moviefone)

-- Dell is now offering the option to order Iron Man preloaded into one of their brand new computers. Right now Paramount is the only studio signed on for this, but in time as more studios take part, Dell will look to provide some solid competition for Apple's iTunes. (More: The Hollywood Reporter)

-- Will there be another Men in Black? According to Parade magazine, who sat down with someone who's "close" with producer Walter Parkes, we may be looking at a third alien-infested flick. Their source says, "The challenge is getting the script right and finding a time when our busy stars are available. But everyone, including Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, wants to do another." (More: Parade)

-- And here I almost forgot they were making a Pink Panther 2? Guess this poster to the right means it's just about finished and ready to change our lives this February.

-- Ann Peacock (Nights in Rodanthe) has signed on to adapt John Grisham's The Partner for the big screen. The book follows a lawyer who steals $90 million from his firm, fakes his own death and then disappears for several years. A murder charge and typical Grisham-esque intrigue ensue. (More: The Hollywood Reporter)

-- New Trailers: Confessions of a Shopaholic, Revolutionary Road, Madonna's Filth and Wisdom

-- Can you guess which films won big at the 8th Annual Stony Awards, presented by High Times magazine ... or are you too stoned to remember any films from this past year? Yes, naturally, Pineapple Express won for Best Comedy, while Weeds took Best TV Show, The Wackness won for Best Drama and Super High Me won for Best Documentary (how many films could possibly be up for these awards in each category???). James Franco took home a special award for Stoner of the Year. Mazel Tov Mr. Franco! (More: TV Guide)

-- Remembering Paul Newman: