You escaped summer and spent the month of September watching "eh" films do "blah" business at the box office, while tons of press folk shouted praise for (insert festival film here). Release dates keep switching, movies are on the, well, move, and you still don't know exactly what you should be looking forward to over the next couple months. Here are five to get you started:

5. Yes Man

When: In theaters December 18th.
What's It About: Jim Carrey stars as a dude who says 'no' to everything until some guru hits him in the forehead, and then -- whaddya know -- he begins to say 'yes' to everything instead.
Who Should Watch: People who loved Liar, Liar and have been desperately waiting for Jim Carrey to return to comedic form. Guys who like to get lost in Zooey Deschanel's eyes (raises hand). Folks who say 'no' more than they say 'yes'.
If You Dig This, Check These Trailers Out: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (October 3), Zack and Miri Make a Porno (October 31), Four Christmases (November 26)

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4. Doubt

When: In theaters December 12
What's It About:
Based on the popular play, Doubt follows a nun (Meryl Streep) who accuses a priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) of inappropriate actions with a young black student. Amy Adams stars as the younger nun who comes between the two.
Who Should Watch: Men who dig Amy Adams without makeup. People who love to watch Meryl Streep play "the bitch." Folks who want to check one film off their must-see Oscar nod list.
If You Dig This, Check These Trailers Out: Milk (December 5), The Soloist (November 21), Frost/Nixon (December 5)

3. City of Ember

When: In theaters October 10th.
What's It About: Based on the book, City of Ember tells of a city full of fading lights and the two teenagers in a race against time to save them from burning out forever.
Who Should Watch: Folks who like magic, mystery and beautiful imagery. Fans of lights? Ahem ... Bill Murray plays the Mayor of Ember!
If You Dig This, Check These Trailers Out: Madagascar 2 (November 7), Whaledreamers, Bolt (November 21)

2. Quantum of Solace

When: In theaters November 14th.
What's It About: Picking up ten minutes after Casino Royale ended, James Bond (Daniel Craig) continues his quest to uncover the secret organization that blackmailed his ex-sweetheart Vesper, while squaring off against an evil environmentalist (Mathieu Amalric) hellbent on taking over one of earth's most precious natural resources.
Who Should Watch: Folks who like a whole lotta action with their movie-watching diet. Women who think Daniel Craig is just tops! Men who've always dreamt of seducing beautiful women whilst saving the world in the same day.
If You Dig This, Check These Trailers Out: Max Payne (October 17), RocknRolla (October 31), Body of Lies (October 10)

1. The Brothers Bloom

When: In theaters December 19.
What's It About: Two con men (Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo) target a wealthy, eccentric New Jersey heiress (Weisz) as their last job, and find themselves wrapped up in an elaborate plot that takes them around the world.
Who Should Watch: Wes Anderson fans. Folks who like to bring the quirky. People who've been dying to watch Rachel Weisz go a little nutty.
If You Dig This, Check These Trailers Out: W. (October 17), The Spirit (December 25), How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (October 3)