This week, the eyes have it. We're looking at films for which vision is key.

Nicolas Cage has the only new film going into wide release this week with Bangkok Dangerous, but frankly this tale of prophetic doom better grabs my attention. Cage plays a school teacher who digs up a time capsule and finds several pages of hand written numbers. He finds dates within those numbers, each of which corresponds to a major disaster that has occurred since the capsule was buried. More importantly the numbers apparently list disasters which have yet to occur. I'd be a little more enthusiastic if Cage's record hadn't been so hit and miss lately. (Ghost Rider? Puh-leeze.) Still the premise sounds kind of cool, despite reminding me of the lackluster The Number 23, and there's a disaster in the trailer that's pretty chilling, especially if you've ever been to Logan Airport in Boston. The preview is pushing the fact that director Alex Proyas helmed I, Robot, but I'm more impressed that he was the man behind the excellent Dark City.

This one isn't so much about visions of the future as visions for the future. Gus Van Sant directs and Sean Penn stars in this true story about Harvey Milk, who in 1977 became the first openly gay man to hold public office in the United States. Penn is engaging in the role, and we see him struggle against bigotry and death threats to give a voice to the gay community. I wasn't familiar with Milk's story, but now I'm curious. Here's William's take on the trailer.

The vision here involves several of the characters staring into the face of death. 10 people survive a plane crash, displaying the expected signs of mental trauma, and one (Eric, played by Patrick Wilson who is also playing Nite Owl in Watchmen) begins to exhibit paranormal abilities. Anne Hathaway plays a grief counselor assigned to the survivors, and her professional relationship with Eric develops into an ill-advised romance. The premise is interesting and Hathaway is awesome, but something about this leaves me cold. Here's William's take on the trailer, and apparently we were both reminded of The Forgotten.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Sometimes it takes vision to turn ones life around, and sometimes that vision involves video depictions of people having sex. Lifetime pals and long time roommates Zack (Seth Rogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) find themselves in a financial pickle. As Miri points out, this is the sort of situation people find themselves in right before they start having sex for money. Zack likes the idea and suggests they make a porn flick together (Star Whores, people!), and the plot is off and running. I have to say I'm really looking forward to this one. I'm a big fan of director Kevin Smith and Rogen is one of the best professional goof balls working in film today. Jay and Silent Bob won't be putting in an appearance, but member's of Smith's usual ensemble can be seen here, including Jeff Anderson and Jason Mewes. We also get to see Justin Long playing a gay porn star. What's not to like? Here's Erik's take.

Ghost Town
He's not Haley Joel Osment, but he's most definitely seeing dead people. Ricky Gervais (of the British version of The Office) plays an obnoxious self absorbed dentist who, after being clinically dead for several minutes finds that dead people can talk to him. Dozens of spirits with unfinished business, led by Greg Kinnear in formal wear, seek his help. Kinnear's character is trying to keep his widow from marrying a jerk, and he promises the dead will stop bothering Gervais' character if he helps. This one gives me flashbacks of everything from Ghost to The Ghost Whisperer, which gives me the feeling that I've seen this one before, but Gervais really sells it. Here's what Monika thought. And here's the trailer:

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