Everyone seems to have superheroes on the brain this summer, so it's the perfect time for Edgar Wright to pop out of the woodwork to remind us about Ant-Man. In an interview with PiQ magazine about the DVD release of Spaced, the topic drifted to Ant-Man on the big screen.

Wright confirmed that the second draft of the script is still underway, and that the film will be a, "different way of seeing a superhero origin, because you've seen so many of them and we really tried to figure out a fresh take on that story. So it's definitely a Marvel film but it's got a little twist on it in terms of the way that it plays out."

Ant-Man was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in 1962 for Marvel comics, and over the years there were various characters who took on the persona. Ant-Man was armed with the ability to shrink at will, and could communicate with insects -- oh, and kick some serious butt too. Wright has already confirmed that the film will combine two of the major characters from the comic books to don the antennaed super-suit. Of course, there's still the small matter of a cast, but hopefully Wright will get to work on that as soon as Joe Cornish has finished the script.

Back in March, Elisabeth had brought us the update that the film was going to be a little light on the comedy, and it seems like Wright is sticking to that philosophy. Wright took the opportunity to remind us once again that he will be playing it straight for Ant-Man -- or at least as 'straight' as one of the people responsible for the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy can be.

Ant-Man is expected to arrive in theaters in 2010.