Boy, Roger Ebert sure hasn't lost a bit of his sense of humor over the past couple years of medical trials and travails. Today on his blog, er, journal, Ebert gets around to writing a review of the Canadian film Young People F*cking, which he headlines with "Ok, here's your f***ing review." I almost spit my iced coffee all over my laptop screen when I saw this entry because, while I'm sure Roger is perfectly capable of spewing out the f-word on appropriate occasions, he's just ... well, he's simply not the sort of guy one imagines going around randomly dropping the f-bomb.

The filmmakers, no doubt, will be thrilled that Ebert reviewed their film, and more so that he quite liked it. He points out the title could be something of a distractor from a film that's he calls "good-humored, thoughtful, observant." My favorite part of his review, though, is where he notes: "With an admirable sense of symmetry, Gero follows these four couples (and a threesome) through six stages of f***ing, which he identifies as prelude, foreplay, sex, interlude, orgasm and afterglow. That seems like a pretty comprehensive list, omitting only Sending Out for Chinese."

Well, that and perhaps the post-coital cigarette, though I suppose in this day and age of cigarette smoking being, at least here in the States, the moral equivalent of public child-beating or shooting up heroin, we'll have fewer and fewer scenes of lovers in post-sexual bliss enjoying a relaxing smoke in bed, covers discreetly pulled up to cover their naughty bits. We'll have to look to the Europeans for those scenes, I guess -- I noticed while in Cannes that public smoking, in both lines and outdoor cafes, raises nary an eyebrow, while Stateside, firing up a public smoke is likely to get you the stink-eye from someone.

Anyhow, I'm glad to see that Ebert enjoyed Young People F*cking, and that he gave the film a nice write-up. Indie films need all the help they can get these days, and a positive review from Roger F***ing Ebert sure can't hurt.