Movie-turned-musicals didn't do so well at the Tony Awards last night, but that doesn't mean people are going to stop adapting films for the stage. For instance, according to The Daily Telegraph, John Cleese is turning his hit movie A Fish Called Wanda into a musical. He's currently writing it with his 24-year-old daughter, Camilla, who he claims is even funnier than he is. He also jokes that they're going to attempt to write the songs themselves, but he thinks they're going to be no good, so he'll likely be bringing in a lyricist. For now, in its early stages, Cleese says they're simply working out the story (which shouldn't be too difficult, as it already exists in film form).

The Daily Telegraph somewhat speculates that Cleese is working on the project for two reasons: one, he didn't make any money off Spamalot, because he apparently agreed to waive his royalties, thinking the musical adaptation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail wouldn't do well; two, he's currently divorcing from his third wife. Tabloid gossip aside, and ignoring the fact that Cleese may have been 'taking the piss', are we ready for A Fish Called Wanda: The Musical? And if that's a success, would a Fierce Creatures: The Musical be not far behind?

Personally, I'm more supportive of the adaptations of lesser movies, because if they're bad, fewer people mind. Wanda is such a beloved comedy that it's likely to disappoint a lot of fans, but it might at least be worth the attempt just to hear a song sung by the stuttering character, Ken Pile (originated on screen by Michael Palin). Other than that, it's been too long since I last saw the movie to think how easily it'd be adapted for the stage. I do recall the steam roller scene, though, and have trouble imagining how that'd work. Anyone else have suggestions for Cleese and his daughter while they're still getting started?