Luckily for Tom Cruise, the latest rumors surrounding him have nothing to do with Valkyrie -- for once, there's some good news for the much-maligned movie star (a round of applause, please, if you will). Yesterday, Moviehole confirmed reports that Cruise is in talks to star as the US president in Philip Noyce's DC thriller, 28th Amendment -- and according to their sources, an official announcement will be made as soon as the paperwork has been completed.

Cruise would star opposite Denzel Washington as President Ben Cahill. Tom Cruise as President? Really? Plot follows the adventures of a commander-in-chief who learns that he has no real sway at the White House after uncovering a secret organization (run by Washington) that has been the 'power behind the throne' since WWII. Unfortunately for Cahill, this group has no qualms about bumping off presidents (grassy knoll, anyone?) and as he starts to put the pieces together, he becomes the next target -- which will probably give Cruise plenty of opportunities to show off that run of his.

The political thriller was written by Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, who were also behind Mission Impossible III, and Transformers. But before Amendment can get rolling, Noyce still has a few projects to finish up; the Australian director has already signed to direct the counterfeiting thriller, The Art of Making Money, and the historical biopic Mary Queen of Scots. Last but not least, he will also go behind the cameras for American Pastoral and Dirt Music. Cruise's schedule is surprisingly less busy, but a good old fashioned thriller might be just what he needs to get his career back on track.

Until we get the official word, stay tuned to Cinematical for updates.