The movie might not be popular with religious leaders, but I am happy to report that there is a still a really good chance that The Love Guru could be funny after all. Mike Myers, in the form of Pitka the Love Guru, has been posting what he calls 'Mini-Sutras' in anticipation of the release of Guru this summer. There are seven videos in total, and promises of more to come with Pitka's musings on love, parenthood, and the importance of a good mantra.

Myers stars as Pitka, an American-born Guru who is hired to solve the romantic problems of a star hockey player. Recently, there had been some rumblings that Myers would have to screen the film for leaders in the Hindu community to make sure the film was not offensive (Paramount has since promised to show the film to community leaders as soon as the finished product is completed).

Myers did find an ally in Deepak Chopra (who makes an appearance in the film), when the self-help celebrity told journalists, "This was a great opportunity to make our Indian philosophy even more popular because despite the popularity of the books, young kids do not know much about it and humour is a good vehicle." -- I'm just not convinced that a Jessica Alba movie is the best starting point for a spiritual awakening.

I'll admit that as much as I consider myself a fan of Myers, the first trailer for the romantic comedy left me cold (you know you are in trouble when one of the funniest lines is delivered by Justin Timberlake). The whole controversy seems a little overblown and unfair to immediately accuse Myer's portrayal of a Hindu guru as disrespectful. But then again, I'm not offended by Father Guido Sarducci either. Hopefully everyone will kiss and make up before Guru hits theaters on June 20th.

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