Movies for the younger set are all the news today -- and frankly, this one is more along the lines of what I would have expected Zack Snyder to adapt. Variety reports that Fox Animation has optioned the rights to Bruce Zick's The Anubius Tapesty, and plans to produce a loose (uh oh) adaptation of the novel.

This news hits me with a small bit of nostalgia -- not because I read this book (it came out on 2006) but because it is the sort of book I would have snapped up as a kid. I read everything that had the slightest whiff of ancient Egypt about it. They usually disappointed me, but I just kept on checking out anything with a mummy or sphinx on it. Hopefully, "loose adaptation" still means a good one, and there's going to be a fun film for all the kids out there who do the same thing. (I know you exist, because I was constantly recommending the good ones to you during my Barnes and Noble stint.)

The book centers around Chance Henry, who must plumb the depths of the Egyptian Underworld to rescue his the spirit of his father, Dr. George Henry, from a mummy's curse. The curse has condemned his father's spirit to roam there, and Henry encounters a variety of monsters during the course of his adventure. The book featured a detailed mythology, which will hopefully make it on screen.

Zick has worked on ton of animated films, such as The Lion King, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo and Wall·E, as well as a ten issue run of Thor and comics for Dark Horse. He's got a cool website of his film art, but no excerpts of Anubis that I can find. If it is as good as his art, than I hope Fox does it justice.