As the smoke cools on the Fanboys drama, the boys behind it are managing to find work elsewhere. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Ernie Cline, co-writer of the never-to-be-seen film, has just sold his comedy spec Thundercade to Lakeshore Entertainment. (And yes, that's Cline to the right. I think writers should get pictures too.)

Thundercade is the story of a video game junkie facing a midlife crisis who learns that a young punk had broken a record he set as a teen. He and his two best friends embark on a journey to reclaim his place in video game history and win the world's ultimate gaming championship, Thundercade.

Sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it? A bit like a journey of some geeks to Skywalker Ranch. But it also sounds a little like an adult version of The Wizard, which I have fond memories of. Anyway, at least Lakeshore will not actually cut out the midlife crisis bit because it strikes them as a bit sad.

Cline is a lifelong video game addict and was inspired to write the screenplay after his young nephew trash-talked him during XBox sessions. "I fell in love with the idea of pitting older 'classic arcade era' gamers from the '80s against teenagers -- the Atari 2600 generation vs. the Xbox 360 generation." Surely, many of us can really relate. My days of Super Mario Bros and my prowess at Tomb Raider counted for nothing in a simple math game on a Nintendo DS against a thirteen year old. That might have been the math, though. . .

The best of luck to Cline with his script at Lakeshore. May it find better fortune than Fanboys did!