The Hollywood Reporter has some more casting details for Drag Me to Hell, the Sam Raimi horror film everyone's excited about (and for good reason -- it looks to be his first real foray into the genre since Army of Darkness). The news isn't as major as when we learned that, say, Alison Lohman signed on, replacing Ellen Page, or that Justin Long joined her -- the new additions are Cloverfield's Jessica Lucas, TV vet Lorna Raver, and character actor David Paymer -- but more notable are the character descriptions that accompany the announcement, which finally give us some hint of what Raimi has in store for us. (No real spoilers, but if you're the kind of person who likes to go in completely cold, best to stop reading now.)

We already knew that Alison Lohman's character -- Stephanie -- is a young woman who becomes the recipient of a supernatural curse. Now, we're told that the curse was placed by "Mrs. Ganush, a proud Eastern European woman with an old-world belief system" who lashes out in vengeance "when defied and humiliated." Raver will play Mrs. Ganush, Lucas joins as Stephanie's best friend and roommate, and Paymer will play Stephanie's boss at the bank where she works.

Is it wrong that upon reading about Mrs. Ganush, the first thing I thought of was Thinner -- the old Stephen King movie about an old gypsy man who places a curse on a rotund lawyer that makes him start wasting away? Not that I expect Drag Me to Hell to resemble that clunker, what with Raimi -- one of mainstream Hollywood's best craftsmen -- at the helm. The new plot tidbits sound like they're right up his alley.