I may not be too thrilled with the thought of male modeling sequels, but I'm itching to see what Ben Stiller makes with his first directing gig since Zoolander. The flick is Tropic Thunder, and that image above is part of the first look released by Entertainment Weekly. This time, the focus is actors, and the comedy follows a group "of self-indulgent stars cast in the modern equivalent of Apocalypse Now." However, the director (Steve Coogan) and writer (Nick Nolte) get fed up with them and ship them off to the jungle to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, Stiller and those involved are hoping this comedy doesn't start an uproar.

Stiller plays an action hero who adopts a baby from Asia and is concerned that "all the good ones are gone." Jack Black (that super-white dude in the back) is one of those multiple-roles-in-one-flick comedians. And that guy in the middle -- you probably don't recognize him because it's Robert Downey Jr. EW wonders if this will bring controversy to the film, but I would be surprised if it does. See, his character in the film is a serious, Oscar-winning actor who is cast in a role that was originally written for a black man. Instead of some re-writing, the actor decides to dye his skin.

It's just what Angelina did for A Mighty Heart. If this flick gets slammed for satirizing that... Well, that'd just be silly. But what do you think? Sound off in the comments.

Oh yeah, Paramount also plans to release the trailer on the web March 17.
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