If you've recently gotten engaged and are making plans for a wedding, have I got news for you! The upcoming film Made of Honor, together with all-things-weddings website The Knot, are joining forces to bring you a Get Married at the Premiere contest. Made of Honor, in case you don't know, is about a sexy, successful guy (Patrick Dempsey) who realizes he's really in love with his best friend (Michelle Monaghan) when she leaves for six weeks to go on a business trip to Scotland.

He misses her so much he decides to ask her to marry him when she returns ... but she returns having fallen in love with a wealthy Scot, and asks him to be her "maid of honor" at her wedding. He agrees, but only to try to put a stop to things before it's too late. Sounds pretty much exactly like Julia Roberts' hit My Best Friend's Wedding, but if you like Dr. McDreamy, and you like rom-coms, it's probably right up your romantic alley.

Anyhow, here's what you do to enter the contest: just go to the website and submit a photo of you and your beloved, along with the story of the moment you realized you were meant to be together (pause here for a collective "Awwwwwww ... ").
Someone will sift through all the entries and come up with 20 semi-finalists, who will shoot and submit videos of themselves answering the same question. Probably they want you to be fully clothed for the videos, but we here at Cinematical are neutral as Switzerland on that detail. The contest will also be featured on Entertainment Tonight, though, and they're probably a little bit more picky than we are on that.

The top four videos will move on to the coveted final round, where your video and story (and probably every detail of your physical appearance and perceived personality, too, but don't be nervous) will be judged and voted on by the public to determine which lucky couple gets the grand prize. And if you're planning your wedding and have gotten familiar with the cost of putting on such an event, you'll appreciate that it's one heck of a prize.

The Grand Prize winning couple will get (drum roll, please ... ): An extravagant wedding and honeymoon package including a trip for four to the premiere city -- airfare, hotel, transportation and per diem. But wait, that's not all! The winning couple also gets the bride's gown (provided by Selia Yang), the groom's tux, a bridal bouquet (provided by Fleurop), his-and-hers wedding bands (provided by Damiani), AND a $3000 gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond so you can outfit your new home with all kinds of lovely coordinating stuff. No word on whether a wedding cake comes with the deal, you may have to bring your own. But with everything else they're giving you, you can afford a nice cake, right?

The lucky couple can also get up to ten passes to the premiere for friends and family to celebrate their special day with them. And as if that wasn't enough, they'll also get a luxurious honeymoon package, spending six romance-filled nights in Paris and Venice, courtesy of Fleurop (clothing is optional for the honeymoon ...).

The other finalists (those whose videos are voted on online) will get a consolation prize of a $1000 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card. All in all, a pretty sweet deal ... but don't go asking for your loved one's hand in eternal wedded bliss just to enter the contest, now. The prize package doesn't include a celebrity divorce lawyer if you get married just to win the prize.