The X-Men Origins: Wolverine roster grows bigger.

Variety has confirmed the addition of Dominic Monaghan we reported earlier and added a new face to the mix: Daniel Henney as Agent Zero.

The addition of this character confirms that Wolverine will deal with a Team X storyline, and possibly gives away what Deadpool is doing here. Agent Zero, who has the power of absorbing kinetic energy through impact, was one of the mutant operatives that Weapon X experimented on. Thankfully, his stories were a little cooler, as he took on East Germans and Russian super soldiers alongside Wolverine and Sabretooth. (And speaking of Russian super soldiers -- who wants to take bets Omega Red is cast by next week?)

This still fails to explain what Gambit is doing in Wolverine. And Beak? It's like the writers made a list of Marvel characters Wolverine talked to once, attached it to a board, and threw darts at it. It is pretty hard to make an origin story more convoluted than the one Wolverine already boasts, but it really looks like the filmmakers are going to try. Should we just be glad that they're skipping Wolverine: Origin where he was re-imagined as a Bronte character?
My faith dwindles in this film by the hour -- which is about how fast these casting announcements are pouring in. I wanted to see Logan naked, tortured, and hunting bears in the Canadian snow. (Read into that all you will.) I was hoping to see him wipe out all of Roanoke before going claw to claw with Sabretooth. My expectations were fangirly and low, and thus easily satisfied. Now it feels like Wolverine is going to be making a cameo in his own movie.