There are two reasons I find this (as yet unconfirmed) story interesting. One is that I'll soon be writing my review of Brett Morgen's new documentary Chicago 10, which comes out next week. The other is that I've been thinking about the 2009 Oscars (I like to jump ahead), which I presumed would include a number of nominations for Steven Spielberg's next film. For a few months now, we've believed that film would be, like Morgen's, about the trial of the "Chicago 7" and would be fittingly titled The Trial of the Chicago 7. First we heard the director was interested in the script, written by Charlie Wilson's War scribe Aaron Sorkin. Then we got that crazy news that Sacha Baron Cohen would play Abbie Hoffman. Finally we heard more people, specifically Colin Hanks, Jeff Daniels and Philip Seymour Hoffman, were joining the cast. However, now we have word from Collider that Spielberg "has decided to move on and will not be making the movie."

Note: It has since come out that the film has been delayed, not completely dumped.

Like "Frosty" at Collider, I am glad about this may-be-true turn of events. And I too hope that Spielberg finally locks down on that Abe Lincoln film (Lincoln), especially now that Frosty has pointed out the significance of next year (unfortunately a February release is bad for Oscar dreams). Comparatively, the Chicago 7 movie has little significance or relevance to anything. I could see where someone might want to try to parallel the trial and the 1968 Democratic National Convention in general with this year's election, but I think it's already been done too much (in Chicago 10 for example). So, perhaps Spielberg ultimately realized this, or at least figured out that he wouldn't get the film done in time for the November election. Of course, we're not certain that the guy has officially dropped the project, but we should hear something definite soon.