We're celebrating the independent spirit (and giving a tip of the hat to our companion site Cinematical Indie), and looking at trailers for films that have gestated outside the studio system. This week it's all about the indies.

The Visitor
A professor who finds himself coasting through the day to day requirements of his job finds a young couple squatting in the New York apartment that he rarely uses. After a tense initial confrontation, the professor finds the two have nowhere else to go and allows them to stay. Just as a friendship is beginning to develop, one of the professor's new tenants is arrested, and as he is not a U.S. citizen, is in danger of deportation. This looks to be an earnest little drama about friendship and rediscovering what's important. This one goes into limited U.S. release on April 11. Scott Weinberg caught the film at Sundance and you can read his review here.

The Hammer
No, this has nothing to do with the pop star with the baggy pants. I really liked Adam Carolla during his stint as co-host of The Man Show, and his voice work as Spanky Ham on Comedy Central's animated series Drawn Together is tastelessly hilarious. I wouldn't have imagined him playing the lead in a film, but he comes off as very appealing here. Carolla plays Jerry Ferro, a middle aged former amateur boxer. By day he works construction and in his spare time he teaches boxing. When he's asked to spar with an up and coming fighter, Ferro manages to clean his opponents clock as they say and he decides to get back into the game. Basically it's the story of a man trying to get his act together before it's too late. There's a few laughs here, and I think the movie will be worth a look.

On Broadway
A Boston man feels compelled to write a play about his late uncle and stage it in the back room of a local pub. A few of the familiar faces like Eliza Dushku, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler grabbed my attention, but this one seems a little too subdued and somber. It captures the look and feel of Boston nicely, but I don't feel compelled to seek this one out.

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?
The man behind Super Size Me wants to make the world safe for his soon to be born child, so he sets out to find Osama Bin Laden. He tours several Middle Eastern countries asking the title question of just about everyone he meets. This documentary looks both amusing and entertaining. It's hard to tell just from the trailer how much if any of the film is to be taken seriously, but for a better idea of that you can check out James Rocchi's review of the film here. I think this will be worth seeking out and you can check out the trailer right here:

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
No, I wouldn't call this an independent film, but it's all about Indy. Indiana Jones, that is. While I'm only modestly fond of the second and third installments of the franchise, Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my favorite films of all time, and I find the idea of playing catch up with its main character very appealing, and the moment the trailer shows us the distinctive shadow of our hero donning his trademark hat I felt a chill go down my spine. No, Harrison Ford isn't as young as he once was (hell, none of us are) but the fact that Indie finds his acts of daring do more difficult to perform makese them all the more impressive. I'm dying to see this one. Erik Davis posted about this one recently, and you can tell he's really Jonesing (ouch) bad for the flick.

New trailers on AOL Moviefone:

  • Married Life - A married man falls in love with a younger woman and decides to do away with his emotionally distant wife. Check out the trailer right here:

  • Love Songs - A French language musical about a young Parisian couple spicing things up with a threesome.
  • Superhero Movie - Parody of the Spider-man films in the tradition of Scary Movie and Meet the Spartans.
  • The Year My Parents Went on Vacation - Set in 1970, a Brazilian boy's life is turned upside down when he activist parents must go into hiding and he is sent to live with his grandfather.
  • The Forbidden Kingdom - Jackie Chan and Jet Li join forces in a time traveling fantasy.
  • Flawless - Michael Caine and Demi Moore plot an elaborate jewel heist.
  • CJ 7 - The director of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle directs this science fiction comedy.
  • Redbelt - A jujitsu master eschews his career as a prize fighter to open a martial arts school but finds himself forced to return to the ring.
  • Summer Palace - A young woman's life is changed by some of the most pivotal events in recent Chinese history.
  • 88 Minutes - Thriller starring Al Pacino as a university professor who receives a threatening phone call telling him he has 88 minutes to live.