Once again, order and logic have deserted me, left me behind like a half-eaten bag of movie theater popcorn (extra butter, of course). Try though I might, there's no common theme under which I can group five trailers, so for this week anarchy shall reign over the Trailer Park. And what better way to start out than with a movie called:

Chaos Theory
Ryan Reynolds plays a meticulously organized man. "A specific list is a happy list," he tells his wife. His life begins to slip into disarray and he finds himself embracing the madness, loving the chaos. This leads to him doing such previously out of character things as drinking too much, picking fights and streaking at a hockey game. Reynolds' best friend is played by Stuart Townsend, and considering his roles in Queen of the Damned, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Night Stalker, it's kind of jarring to see him not playing some kind of creature of the night. Martha Fischer's posting about this one from back in 2005 also mentions something about the friend being the father of Reynolds' character's son, but there's nothing about it in the trailer. This one left me with a good feeling.

My Name is Bruce
There are two kinds of people in the world: those who realize Bruce Campbell is a god, and those who have yet to learn of his greatness. We've been hearing about this one for awhile, and supposedly it will hit theaters some time in 2008. We have the trailer, though, and if you're a Bruce fan it's a little slice of awesome. Residents of a small town have unleashed an ancient Chinese demon and, mistaking Campbell for the character he played in the Evil Dead films, they enlist his aid in vanquishing the monster. As cool as Bruce is, he's far from infallible. The Evil Dead trilogy and his book If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-movie Actor veritably reek of awesomeness. On the other hand, The Man With the Screaming Brain and How to Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way just plain reek. Still, the trailer is really cool, so hopefully Bruce will be chainsawing his way into the hearts of moviegoers soon.

The Backseat
While there aren't a lot of actual laughs to be had in the trailer, this indie comedy seems to have a lot of heart and I'm looking forward to its release. The film hits theaters on March 28, though it's been playing festivals since 2005. The official site refers to this as a "coming of age late" story. Two friends drive from New York City to Montreal to get away from it all, run cocaine across the border and meet Donald Sutherland. Check out the trailer right here:

The two leads and the period setting are what caught my eye with this one. Set in London in 1960, Demi Moore plays an executive at the London Diamond Corporation who joins forces with a janitor on the verge of retirement (Michael Caine) to steal diamonds from their employer. My dislike of Ocean's 11 has put me off heist movies, but this one looks low on flash and high on drama, and it hits theaters in March. Here's Monika's take on the trailer.

Sex and Death 101
I'm really hoping we get a film that will put Winona Ryder back on the map, but I don't think this will be it. Simon Baker plays a lady's man who is about to get married when he receives a mysterious email listing every woman he has ever slept with as well as every woman he will sleep with in the future. Apparently he's trying to work his way through the list ASAP, presumably before the wedding. Complicating matters is a serial killer (Ryder) who is preying on sex offenders. And yes, that's Mindy Cohn from The Facts of Life playing Baker's secretary. Supposedly humor ensues. I'm torn by this one. The premise strikes me as juvenile, but Scott Weinberg's review of the film has me thinking I should give it a chance. In any case, this hits theaters on February 22.

Check out this week's new trailers at AOL Moviefone:

  • Bonneville - Jessica Lange plays a recently widowed woman feuding with her stepdaughter over the her husband's funeral arrangements. With two friends in tow, Lange's character sets off in a convertible to deliver her husband's ashes from Idaho to California.
  • Smart People - A brilliant but socially clueless college professor embarks upon a romance with a former student. Check out the trailer right here:

  • Sex and Death 101 - A man about to wed receives an email listing every woman he has ever slept with as well as every woman he will ever sleep with.
  • The Grand - Mockumentary about a high stakes poker tournament with a cast led by Woody Harrelson.
  • Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost - Nikolodean's pre-teen sleuth Roxy Hunter investigates the strange goings on at Moody Manor in this direct to DVD release.
  • The Prince and The Pauper - Modern interpretation of the classic tale.
  • Sleepwalking - Family drama about an 11 year old girl coming to terms with being abandoned by her mother.
  • Shutter - In this remake of a Thai horror film, a photographer and his girlfriend start seeing mysterious figures in their photos following a car accident.
  • What Happens In Vegas - Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz play total strangers who make the drunken mistake of getting married in Las Vega. Their plans for a quick divorce are complicated by the two of them winning a multi-million dollar jackpot.