Call them what you will -- progeny, small fry, rug rats -- this week it's all about the kids. Welcome to Trailer Park: The Ankle Biter edition.

The Orphanage
This latest trailer has me stoked to see this Spanish language creep-fest. Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, produced by Guillermo del Toro, and positively reviewed by Cinematical's own Scott Weinberg, this looks like one worth seeing when it goes into limited U.S. release on December 28. The preview is light on plot details, but creepy as hell with enough atmosphere to get not just the horror fans excited but a more mainstream audience as well. A woman reopens the orphanage where she was raised, and her son develops relationships with some new "imaginary" friends. The boy soon goes missing and the plot is off and running. The kid with the bag over his head that you see several times in the trailer just gives me the willies (that's a good thing).

In Bruges
As is pointed out in the trailer, Bruges in in Belgium, a fact I was aware of, but only because part of a Harry Kumel's Daughters of Darkness takes place there. At any rate, be advised this is not a green band trailer and F-bombs (among other expletives) are hurled left and right. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson (Mad Eye Moody from the Harry Potter films) are two hit men who have been ordered by their boss (Ralph Fiennes) to lay low in Bruges after whacking a priest. Apparently two working class mobsters in Bruges is a bad fit, and cultural clashes and a disagreement with Fiennes leads to some fun bits. This one barely makes the cut for the Ankle Biter edition, but there's a pretty funny bit where Gleeson's character insults Fiennes' kids using the aforementioned "other expletives." I'll definitely be trying to find this when it goes into limited release on February 8. If you're going to be at Sundance this year, In Bruges will be the opening night selection. Here's Jessica's take on the trailer.
This science fiction comedy from Kung Fu Hustle director Stephen Chow is hard to get a read on. We see an impoverished Japanese man and his son, a flying saucer that rises out of a trash heap, and the boy playing with what appears to be some kind of shape shifting ball, presumably of extraterrestrial origin, all set to the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme "Also Sprach Zarathustra." There are some laughs too, but I'm still not clear on what it's all about. Still, the trailer intrigues me, so I think I want to see it.

St. Trinian's
This movie about the very unladylike students at an all girls school in England reminded me of old style British comedies. A little research (God bless Wikipedia) tells me my hunch was correct. St. Trinian's was featured in a series of British films starting with 1954's The Bells of St. Trinian's. The IMDB lists two direct to video St. Trinian's films as recently as 2004. The films were inspired by a series of cartoons by Ronald Searle. This new version has the girls of the school using plastic explosive and home made liquor to cause trouble, and their craftiness to save the school from bankruptcy. Where the original featured Alastair Sim as both the school's headmistress and her brother, the remake has Rupert Everett taking on a similar gender bending dual role. Also starring are Colin Firth, Mischa Barton (whose casting Christopher Campbell blogged about here) and the often hilarious Stephen Fry. This looks like fun.

Man in the Chair
Christopher Plummer stars in this film about film making as a retired gaffer and the only surviving crew member from Citizen Kane. He meets a high school kid (Michael Anganaro) with a passion for movies and a desire to enter a short film competition. Plummer's character enlists the aid of his fellow residents at a retirement home for movie industry workers to assist the young man in making his film. Plummer still looks like he's at the top of his game here, and I'm betting this will be worth keeping an eye on. Man in the Chair goes in to limited U.S. release on December 7. Check out the trailer right here:

  • Timber Falls - A young couple find horror while hiking through the mountains of West Virginia. Check out the trailer right here:

  • City of Men - Two teenage boys in Brazil, friends since birth, find themselves on the opposite sides of a gang war.
  • Steep - Documentary about extreme mountain skiing.
  • Dirty Laundry - A gay magazine writer returns to his hometown in Georgia and discovers that he has a ten year old son.
  • Bourne Ultimatum - DVD Trailer - Matt Damon's latest Bourne film arrives on DVD.
  • The Perfect Holiday - A little girl asks Santa to find a boyfriend for her single mom.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks - A live action plus CGI modernization of the classic characters starring Jason Lee.