Ladies and gents, boys and girls (of at least 18 years of age)... it seems like just 13 days ago we were announcing the winner of a trip for two to India for our Darjeeling Limited contest. And we quite enjoyed it. So here we go again: Welcome to another International Edition of Insert Caption. This time we're sending the writer of our favorite caption for the photo below from the new holiday comedy Fred Claus on a trip for four from New York to Finland, courtesy of our friends at Warner Bros. and the Finnish Tourist Board.

As you probably know, the great country of Finland is home to Nokia, the Savonlinna Opera Festival and Renny Harlin. It's also home to Santa Claus (played in the film by Paul Giamatti; Vince Vaughn is his black-sheep brother) and Santa's Village, where the winner of our trip will get to tour during a six-day, five-night stay. While in all likelihood Paul Giamatti will not be there to greet you, Santa will be, and perhaps you'll even be able to whisper a wish into his ear. So give us the funniest, most clever, jolliest caption you've got. The winner will be announced at the launch of our next contest, Wednesday, November 21 @ 4 PM EST Monday, November 26 @ 6 PM EST. Just bookmark this link and come on back. Good luck!

Fred Claus

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Winners from last week's 28 Weeks Later contest:

28 Weeks Later1. "Oh my God, the dining room window faces New Jersey!"
-- Matthew B.

2. "Catherine knew she would have a small part in this film, but making sure wall didn't fall over wasn't in her job description." -- Joshua B.

3. "Still struggling in her Mime classes, Jill resorts to practicing on a window." -- Anthony G.

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And now a word from our sponsor...

Visit Finland

VISIT FINLAND – THE HOMELAND OF SANTA CLAUS... It is a mystical fact about Finland that this is where Santa Claus comes from. It is believed that he has lived for centuries in North-Eastern Finland, and since there is no road to visit him there, he has recently relocated to the Arctic Circle, near the town of Rovaniemi. Nowadays Santa lives in Rovaniemi all year round. He can be visited at his office at Santa Park, where he works with his loyal elves and reindeer. He receives over 800,000 letters from around the world. And since Santa's office is a magical place, where dreams start coming true, it is open every day and thousands of people from every country on the planet stop by to say "Hello" to him. Each Christmas Santa travels around the globe to bring gifts and good will. Now you, too, can pay him back a visit, and whisper your own wish in his ear. To find out more about how and where to visit Santa, please send an e-mail to, or click here.