There are a lot of things that will make me want to see a movie. Maybe the effects look cool, it's based on a book I liked or the trailer made me laugh. The films we're talking about today are ones that caught my attention because of a name involved, someone whose presence in front of or behind the camera makes me think this flick might have something going for it. It's Star Power week on Trailer Park.

The Bucket List
Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play terminal cancer patients who create a list of things they want to do in life before they kick the bucket (hence the title). Neither actor seems to be straying far from what we've come to expect of them. Nicholson is blustery but still kind of suave while Freeman is more thoughtful and fatherly, but these are roles they play well. Oddly enough, the dynamic between the two actors reminds me a bit of the one between Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis in Bubba Ho-tep. Will and Grace's Sean Hayes is here too and Rob Reiner is directing, so I suspect this will be one worth catching. Martha Fischer first blogged about this on Cinematical here.

Finishing the Game
The star in question here is actually the star of the film being made within the film. At the time of Bruce Lee's sudden death in 1973 at the age of thirty-two, his film The Game of Death remained unfinished. Finishing the Game is a comedy about the completion of the film in the wake of Lee's death and finding an actor who can finish the late martial arts star's scenes. Several actors vie for the role, one of them hilariously Caucasian. The costumes and hair styles capture the 70s feel nicely, as do the clips of faux period martial arts flicks, which kind of remind me of the fake trailers in Grindhouse. This looks awesome.

Youth Without Youth
This movie was first mentioned here on Cinematical way back in May of 2006. Call me old fashioned, but isn't the idea of a teaser trailer to tease, to tantalize the audience, to give them just a little taste and make them hungry for more? This is the first movie Francis Ford Coppola has directed in eight years, so there must me more to show than this disjointed series of images that gives not a hint of what the film is about. Tim Roth's in there, there's a woman in lingerie and someone says "we are running out of time." What's it all mean? The plot synopsis over at Moviefone tells us the film takes place prior to World War II and is about a man whose age begins to reverse after being struck by lightning, and he seeks to learn the origins of language and consciousness. Pretty deep stuff, and I imagine Coppola will do something interesting with it, but the preview is falling down on the job, doing nothing to inspire interest.

Sarah Michelle Gellar may not be at the same level as the other stars I've mentioned here, but I'm a Buffy fan from way back, and I think she's a much better actress than most people can tell from the horror flicks she's been making in recent years. Perhaps Richard Kelly's Southland Tales will prove to be her breakout film, but in the meantime we have Addicted (formerly known as Possession) which is a remake of 2002's Jungdok. In the film, Gellar's husband and his brother are in a car accident which leaves them both in a state of coma. The brother wakes up but insists that he is Gellar's husband, right down to knowing intimate details about their history. Gellar has been down the J-horror remake path before with The Grudge and The Grudge 2, and this one has my interest piqued only moderately. I might wait for the DVD on this one.

Regardless of what you may have thought of Snakes on a Plane (personally, I loved it) Samuel L. Jackson always adds cool points to his films just by showing up for work. This time around he's playing an ex-cop who works as a crime scene cleaner who is tricked into cleaning up the bloody remains of a murder before the police can investigate, thus destroying evidence. It all leads to a conspiracy and a ledger filled with badge numbers. Police drama being so common on television, a cop movie really has to do something special to be noteworthy, and I'm not sure I'm seeing that here. Like I said, though, Jackson's presence alone brings the film up to a certain level. Probably worth seeing.

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