Once again I don't see a theme forming in this week's gaggle of new previews, so I'm just going with stuff that I would plunk my hard-earned money down to see.

At first look I thought this humorous look at the relationships of three technologically obsessed young men was a documentary, and I think the realism the trailer conveys gives the film a sort of Blair Witch Project feel (that's a good thing). Director Joe Swanberg stars as Tim, who appears to be caught up in a triangle with his girlfriend and his computer. Tim's friend Alex is so obsessed with a beautiful girl he's met online that he doesn't notice the very real girl who is attracted to him. Chris finds himself separated from his girlfriend, and they are forced to continue their relationship through the technological filters of internet and cell phone. Karina Longworth reviewed LOL way back in March of 2006. The trailer grabbed my attention as something different, and Karina's positive review really has me wanting to see this one.

Dan in Real Life
Steve Carell may have taken a bit of a bath with Evan Almighty, but I suspect he'll be bouncing back with this one. He's still being funny here, but you can see a little more of the subtlety he brought to Little Miss Sunshine. Carell plays an advice columnist and single father of three girls. He meets a woman for whom he feels he has a special connection and she turns out to be his brother's girlfriend. As simplistic and sitcom-esque as the plot sounds, Carell really sells it with his usual warmth and likability. Scott found himself liking the trailer too and you can read his take on it here. The film goes into limited U.S. release on October 12 with a wider release following on October 19. Check out the trailer right here:

King of California
Michael Douglas plays a recently discharged mental patient who is reunited with his teenage daughter following two years of institutionalization. While convalescing, Douglas's character acquired the directions to a lost cache of gold dubloons (God bless the internet), and leads his progeny on a Don Quixotian quest for the lost treasure. Whoops, a Costco has been built right over where the loot is supposed to be buried. Only a minor problem when you're as crazy as this guy. Cinematical's own Tommy DiChiara reviewed the film when it played Sundance and he described it as "funny, poignant and crowd-pleasing" which mirrors my take on the trailer. Douglas really sells this one, and I'll be scoping it out when it hits theaters on September 14.

Run Fat Boy Run
I discussed this Simon Pegg vehicle here some time ago, but there's a new U.K. trailer out so it merits another look. The star of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz plays Dennis, a man whose wedding day jitters get the better of him and he bolts like a frightened rabbit, leaving his pregnant wife-to-be at the altar. "Women tend to remember that stuff," warns his friend Gordon, played by fellow Shaun alumnus Dylan Moran. In order to win his girl back and show up her new marathon-running boyfriend (Hank Azaria), Dennis enters a marathon himself. The trailer is full of funny training montages, and far more of Azaria's naked flesh than I would have expected. Dying to see this one. David Schwimmer (yes, that David Schwimmer) directs, and it's hitting U.S. theaters on October 26.

The Strangers
Wow. This is easily the most frenetic trailer I've see in some time. A young couple hears a knock on the door at 4:00 AM. When the wife (Liv Tyler) asks who's there, a voice on the other side says "you're going to die," and a staccato barrage of disturbing images follows, in which three unknown assailants terrorize the couple. Freaky stuff. The trailer claims the film was inspired by true events, although ever since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre used that line, I've taken such claims with a grain of salt. Still, this looks like a pretty decent creep-out, and it will be arriving in October, just in time for Halloween. Jessica Barnes posted her take on the trailer here.

New this week on AOL's Moviefone:

  • In the Shadow of the Moon - Documentary on the history of the Apollo program.
  • Silk - A 19th century silk merchant becomes obsessed with a Japanese concubine.
  • Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Showcase - This documentary follows Vince Vaughn and four comedians as they travel the U.S. and perform in 30 cities.
  • The Price of Sugar - A documentary that takes a look at desperate living conditions in the Dominican Republic.
  • I'm Not There - Seven actors portray Bob Dylan, each representing a different aspect of his life.
  • Trade - A seventeen-year-old-boy sets out to rescue his 13-year-old sister from a network of sex traffickers.
  • Great World of Sound - A young man gets a job recruiting new talent for a record company, but soon learns he's become a con artist.
  • Lars and the Real Girl' - A lonely introvert surprises his friends and family when he announces his relationship with a life-size doll. Have a look for yourself: