It seems like a lifetime ago when I actually liked Lindsay Lohan. Of all the teen actresses wading through the cinematic sea, she seemed the most destined for success. LiLo had successful stints in both heavy family fare like Freaky Friday, and teen snarky fare with Mean Girls, but then it all started to crumble. Now, I just feel sorry for her -- sorry that she's troubled enough that she can't even go a few months out of rehab without relapsing, sorry that she has an entourage that seems to have absolutely no motivation to help her or say: "No, Lindsay. You're not going to hop in your car and drive drunk on a suspended license with cocaine in your pocket."

With all of her legal and personal problems, the big question now is whether or not she will have a career after this latest brush with the law, and Variety has chatted with some producers to get their two cents. Poor Things producer Rob Hickman will "continue to be enthusiastic" about the Lohan production, which was supposed to gear up next month. He says: "We expect to announce details on a start date in the very near future." Either he's drowning himself in wobbling optimism, or they must be lining someone else up. I highly doubt Lohan will be ready for more work any time soon, even if Shirley MacLaine visits her in rehab again for more rehearsals.

Another unnamed producer seems to be on the same page as many of us, and is quoted as saying: "A good part of me blames the people around her for not telling her the one thing she needs to hear: 'Go away! Go away for a year,'" which he followed with: "The sad thing is, at one point she had talent." This is too true, although I think it's gotten to the point that she needs more than a year away from the spotlight. Another producer cracked: "Why would she be the one carrying the drugs and driving? That's what an entourage is for." Methinks we haven't seen the final Lohan mistake if she can always get out of rehab and have a group of cohorts itching to party. We'll have to see whether I Know Who Killed Me becomes her final film as she kills her career, or whether Andrew Herwitz is right, in his musing that: "This may, in a strange way, actually help her." What do you think?

Edit: Go to The Reeler to see Lohan as both a Howl-ing poetic figure to pop-culture Beaker.
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