This week on Trailer Park, darkness falls across the land.

The turning point in this trailer is when a party is plunged into darkness. This preview, which has been playing with Tranformers, is one of the coolest trailers I've seen in... well, possibly ever. A farewell party in New York City is interrupted by a power failure and a massive explosion several miles away. The roar of something huge is heard in the distance, and a large piece of shrapnel turns out to be the Statue of Liberty's head. Over on IMDB this is still being called the Untitled J.J. Abrams Project. Speculation is running wild on this one. Just check out all the comments on Erik's posting about the film's teaser website. I for one am dying to see what this is all about.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
As Jette recently mentioned here, this teen horror flick has dropped off the summer release schedule entirely, been picked up by a new distributor and reassigned an early 2008 release date. In this fairly dark tale of teen lust and angst, a former ugly duckling has fallen in with the popular crowd. Every boy in her class has lusted after her, and during a weekend excursion to a remote ranch, several highly hormonal young men hope to get to know Mandy a whole lot better. Things turn ugly, though, and people start dying. The trailer resorts to lots of quick cuts, preventing the viewer from seeing who is getting offed, but there's a manic energy here that I find intriguing. Check it out:

In the Shadow of the Moon
The darkness in this title is a literal one, referring to the period of darkness experienced by Apollo astronauts when their space craft would circle around to the dark side of the moon (it's not just for Pink Floyd fans anymore). Ron Howard's interest in the U.S. space problem continues as he produces this documentary. The film is structured around interviews with ten of the surviving Apollo astronauts and archival footage. I personally remember when many of these events happened, but I was too young to appreciate them. The scope of what these men accomplished is staggering, and I will definitely be seeing this one. Monika mentioned this film here, and it will be getting a limited release on September 7.

Death Sentence
Kevin Bacon gets all Death Wishy in this dark film from the director of Saw and Dead Silence. After his son's murderer is released for lack of evidence, Bacon's character embarks upon a path of vengeance against the killer and his fellow gang members. These thugs are not easy targets, though, and the rest of Bacon's family is soon in danger. A gritty looking story with a great actor in the lead? Count me in. Here's Scott's take on the trailer.

The Dark is Rising
This one's got the darkness baked right into the title. After this summer's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, there are only two films left in the series, so it's natural that studios are going to cultivate similar films to fill the void. This one is about a boy who learns he is the last in a long line of warriors who fight the forces of evil while traveling through time. Alexander Ludwig, who plays the lead, does not impress me with his screen presence, and the fact that early parts of the trailer in which our hero feels lost in his large family give me Home Alone flashbacks doesn't help. The use of the phrase "he's about to find out" by the narrator -- perhaps the biggest cliche in all of trailer-dom -- was the last straw for me, and I think I'll give this one a pass.

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