Seattle residents must certainly love movies: the city's Seattle International Film Festival runs for 25 days straight (that's like three film fests in other cities), screening a variety of features, documentaries and shorts from around the world. The 33rd annual festival closed last weekend and has just announced its awards. This year's awards are also in keeping with the international flavor of the festival, featuring recipients from Norway, Austria, Brazil, Germany ... and yes, even the U.S. picked up an honor or two.

Jury prizes at SIFF included the New Director Award, given to Norwegian filmmaker Erik Richter Strand for the drama Sons (pictured at right). The Austrian film Out of Time won Best Documentary; the film focuses on longtime Austrian businesses. The New American Cinema award was given to Shotgun Stories, a thriller directed by Jeff Nichols. And the documentary The Devil Came on Horseback, which James Rocchi reviewed at Sundance, won filmmakers Anne Sundberg and Ricki Stern the Women in Cinema Lena Sharpe Award for Persistence of Vision. The Golden Space Needles, SIFF's audience awards, were also announced, with Outsourced named as best film. The full list of awards is available after the jump. And if you want to read more about some of the SIFF selections, check out Cinematical's Seattle category, where you'll find reviews from Kim Voynar. Seattle Film Festival (SIFF) Awards for 2007
  • New Director Award: Sons, directed by Erik Richter Strand. Special mention to actress Valerie Donzelli in the film 7 Years, directed by Jean-Pascal Hattu.
  • New American Cinema Award: Shotgun Stories, directed by Jeff Nichols. Special jury prize to Lovely By Surprise, directed by Kirt Gann.
  • Best Documentary: Out of Time, directed by Harald Friedl. Special Jury Prize to Angels in the Dust, directed by Louise Hogarth.
  • Heineken Red Star Award for originality, innovation and vision in film: Fish Dreams, a Brazilian film directed by Kyrill Mikhanovsky.
  • Women in Cinema Lena Sharpe Award for Persistence in Vision: Anne Sundberg and Ricki Stern, The Devil Came on Horseback.
  • WaveMaker Award for Excellence in Youth Filmmaking: Jewmaican, directed by Melinda Tenenzapf.
  • FutureWave Audience Award: Laundry, directed by Darrow Stettes, Allex Bullard and Hanna Overman.
Golden Space Needle Audience Awards
Short Film Awards
  • Narrative Shorts: Wigald. Special jury awards to Look Sharp and Pickup.
  • Animated Shorts: Everything Will Be OK. Honorable mention to The Girl Who Swallowed Bees.
  • Documentary Short: Chocolate Country. Honorable mention to Freeheld.