Austin held a regional premiere of Grindhouse on Wednesday night, and I was there on the red carpet to meet and shoot photos of the celebrities in town for the event. (That's Quentin Tarantino in the above photo, in case you've been living under a rock.) I'm not the world's best photographer, and I used a digital camera that I bought mainly for its ability to fit in my purse. But I had a lot of fun in front of the Paramount as the actors, actresses and filmmakers each made their way down the red carpet. It was so crowded and noisy that I didn't have the chance to ask many questions, but fortunately Cinematical's Kevin Kelly attended the Grindhouse junket earlier this week and posted a two-part report that tells you just about everything you want to know about the movie. Check out my photos after the jump.

For some reason, several zombies were lurching around the non-media crowd on the other side of the red carpet. I'm not entirely sure why, unless they wanted to curry favor with Robert Rodriguez, whose Grindhouse segment is about zombies.

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead was one of the first to walk down the red carpet. She plays a cheerleader in Death Proof, the segment directed by Quentin Tarantino. Winstead has also been filming Live Free and Die Hard (aka Die Hard 4.0), as Ryan Stewart reported earlier this week.

Danny Trejo's smile in the following photo is a little on the scary side, but he was a pleasure to meet. He wants to let everyone know that he's in great shape and ready to make a full-length feature based on the Machete fake trailer in which he stars in Grindhouse.

The red carpet procession included a number of actresses with supporting roles in Grindhouse. Stuntwoman Zoe Bell, who has her first big acting role in the Death Proof segment of the film, was among them. You can see all the people in the background trying to take pictures -- she's lovely and she does kickass stunts, so who could resist?

The shoulder to the left of Bell in the above photo belonged to Kurt Russell. I assume that don't have to tell you who he is. You just want to see the picture, don't you? My little brother was extremely jealous when he found out: "You got to meet Snake! You suck, dude!" I have been watching Russell's movies since the Computer Wore Tennis Shoes days of my childhood, so I confess I was slightly in awe to meet him.

I know you want to see a photo of Rose McGowan, who stars in Planet Terror, Rodriguez's segment of Grindhouse. I had trouble getting a good photo of her -- the light was starting to fade, and the movie was about to start. But I did manage to capture her in the middle of a throng of media and admiring fans. And although you can't tell from the photo, neither leg was a machine gun.

Austin-based filmmaker Rodriguez was one of the last celebrities on the red carpet for Grindhouse. He was wearing one of his signature cowboy hats, this time in black, perhaps because it was a formal occasion.

That was it for the red carpet, but the evening had just started for the sold-out crowd at the Paramount. I'll turn it over to Scott Weinberg, who was actually in the theater for the Grindhouse premiere screening itself.