Meet the Robinsons

It's rare that anything I see at the movies these days strikes me as profound, groundbreaking or revolutionary. I've been watching a lot of movies for a very long time. Visually, things have changed over the years. But it always comes back to the story, doesn't it? 300 is a movie that pushes the boundaries of conventional movie-making. And the story was OK, too. So we watch it and think, "Wow, that's pretty f**king cool." But if the story completely sucked, the movie wouldn't be nearly the smash hit it is.

So I went to see Meet The Robinson's at the famous El Capitan theater in Hollywood. My first thought when the movie started playing was, "Wow, this is pretty f**king cool looking." At about 600 hundred theaters across the country, the movie is shown in Disney Digital 3-D (yes, glasses and all). As I started getting roped into the movie about the orphan kid and his friend, I thought, "I really like these characters, and this is pretty f**king cool looking."

As I continued to watch the movie, I was totally engrossed. And I was aware that I was totally engrossed. (As a movie "reviewer" you actually start to monitor your own reactions. I know, it's a bit creepy and droid-like). I thought to myself, "This movie is totally fun and I love the characters, but why the hell am I so into it?"

Here's why: good characters, good story and Disney Digital 3-D. If you've never seen this (the newest 3-D technology), you need to. The best way to describe it is I felt "immersed" in the movie. You'd think the filmmakers would be so busy throwing 3-D tricks at you that you'd constantly be aware of it. I wasn't. It's not that they don't do it, they do. But I found myself enjoying the 3-D perspective much more than the tricks. The perspective made me feel a part of the action. The tricks didn't actually work that well. But the effects are brilliantly woven into the story and in a moment of movie bliss ... the future of movie-going flashed before my eyes.

There's been talk for years about the theater business going bust as DVD, games, etc. erode the audience. After the last couple months at the box office, I have to call bulls**t on that. People have been showing up in record numbers to have fun at the movies. It's not that the movies have been great, because they haven't been. It's because most moviegoers go to the movies to have fun, not to see a potential Oscar winner. And as long as the studios and theater owners continue to be innovative and make the experience "fun," we will continue to go.

Well how's this for fun at the movies ... The Departed, in 3-D. 300, in 3-D. Saving Private Ryan in 3-D. Grindhouse in 3-f**ing-D! I would go to movie theaters until the end of time to get a real 3-D perspective on a giant screen of the best movies. Not the tricks, the perspective.

So if you go see Meet The Robinson's in 3-D, and you should, think about what it would be like if all the best movies were in 3-D. That my friends, would be pretty f**kin' cool.

--Mr. Moviefone

P.S. And seriously, if we have to wear the glasses ... at least make them "Paris Hilton's" or aviators. Then, everyone will be happy to keep their glasses on indoors. : )

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