AFI Dallas is only in its first year, but the festival is gathering some good online press this week from a variety of sources. And the festival isn't over yet -- it continues through Sunday. Have you checked out Cinematical's coverage yet? The best blog to visit for photos and stories about AFI Dallas is the festival's own official blog, which is being updated frequently this week while the festival continues. The site includes a link to the already infamous video clip of filmmaker David Lynch (who attended a sold-out Inland Empire screening) being asked how he feels about product placement in films. (The video clip contains language you may not want to share in public.) AFI Dallas also has its own Flickr account with tons of photos, although the hard-working festival staff has not yet had time to identify the people in the pictures. I could pick out Lynch, but that was about it.

After the jump, I've listed other online sites covering various aspects of AFI Dallas this week. If I missed yours, feel free to post a link in the comments.
  • Filmmaker Chris Hansen was at AFI Dallas for the screening of his film The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah, which Kim watched as a DVD screener. At Making Movies in Flyover Country, he tells us about the festival screening and the panel in which he participated on making movies in Texas.
  • Over at Unfair Park, the Dallas Observer blog, Robert Wilonsky shares a wonderful story and photo about a David Lynch encounter in Dallas this weekend. Check out the rest of the blog for more AFI coverage, including that already infamous clip of Lynch being asked about product placement in films.
  • Peter Martin from Twitch has been all over the film festival this week (either Kim or I saw him every day). He started with a helpful preview and is now posting plenty of reviews, including The Go-Getter, The King of Kong and Trade, as well as an interview with Midlothia director Bill Sebastian, a film that Kim recently reviewed.
  • I also ran into Blake from Cinema Strikes Back, who reprimanded me for not getting into Dallas early enough to catch Linda Linda Linda. He posted a good overview of AFI Dallas. I know Blake interviewed Linda Linda Linda director Nobuhiro Yamashita, so keep an eye out for that article soon.
  • Pegasus News reports on the light attendance at the screening of Barbara Kopple's film A Conversation with Gregory Peck. Kim and I both wanted to see the film, but the venue was off the beaten path and the Dallas theaters were far enough apart that it seemed best to pick one and stay there for the evening. It's our loss: the documentary isn't available on DVD at this time.
  • Pop Syndicate has reports from Friday night and Sunday night at the festival, as well as an interview with A Lawyer Walks into a Bar director Eric Chaikin.