It was a shock when director Theo Van Gogh was brutally murdered, a note pinned to his chest with a knife. While it's nothing new for a filmmaker to have their work invoke anger and threats, most are lucky enough to escape any seriously dangerous or immediately-finite fate. However, for Van Gogh, his work and expressions of free speech brought him death, and a trio of English remakes of his leading films. I don't know. I'm just not sure how people re-making his films are in any way a tribute to the man. It seems as silly as someone saying that they love your art, but instead of buying a piece or a copy, they're just going to re-create it and make money on it.

Anyhow... This isn't the only interesting way his life and work are being remembered. A memorial to the director was revealed yesterday in Amsterdam. Aptly called The Scream, the sculpture features a progression of profiles, meant to be Van Gogh's, of a mouth opening into a scream. It obviously reflects the director's life and pursuit of free speech, but it also has that eerie invocation of the man's death -- even more-so because the memorial rests near the spot where he was murdered. It definitely says a lot more than a bust of a famous person, a general on a bucking steed or any other type of typical monument fare. For the foreseeable future, Theo will be screaming, reminding people of his death and his belief in free speech.