Tuesday morning I attended the panel for No End in Sight, the documentary about the mess in Iraq, how we got there, and what it will take to get out. The panel was moderated by film journalist David D'Arcy, and included filmmaker Charles Ferguson, exec producer Alex Gibney (Enron: Smartest Guys in the Room), former ambassador Barbara Bodine, who was coordinator for central Iraq in charge of Baghdad, US Marine Lieutenant Seth Moulton, Omar Fekeiki, former manager of the Washington Post office in Baghdad, and, via satellite, General Jay Garner and Lawrence Wilkerson (US Army, retired), former chief-of-staff to then US Secretary of State Colin Powell. You can see Part One of the panel above.

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This is part two of the panel, featuring former administration officials critical of the war in Iraq, as they discuss the Sundance documentary No End In Sight.

This is part three of the panel discussion.

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