It's been a while since we did a film blog group hug around here, and I, for one, have missed checking in with some of my fave smaller (and bigger) movie blogs. Let's see what's going on as we head into the second week of 2007, shall we? January movie releases suck, we know, and the weather is dismal and gloomy here in Seattle (I know, shocking, right?), so let's take an imaginary trip to places a wee less gloomy (or at least amusing enough to be distracting). Let's go see what's up around the world of film blogging ...
A Nutshell Review -- Check it out! You gotta love a site that proudly proclaims itself to be "probably" Singapore's #1 Movie Review Blog. Woot! Nonetheless, they do have an interesting site, with info on film-related happenings in Singapore, including a recent visit by Francis Ng. They have an audio of that session up on the site, if you happen to speak Cantonese/Mandarin. I don't, but I listened to it anyhow, with the sound on my TV muted and Aqua Teen Hunger Force playing, which made for some pretty interesting entertainment. This site also covers some of the more obscure Asian releases, so if you're a big Asian film buff, check it out.

Moving on to Malaysia, let's make a stop by The Seventh Art, which focuses primarily on Malaysian independent films. The only two releases that caught their notice over there for 2006 were Rain Dogs and The Host. Nice write-ups on Malayasian film, with occasional commentary on things like Fantastic Four, Happy Feet and Michael Bay.

Nathaniel over at The Film Experience Blog has some interesting things to say about film in general, but be sure to check out his ode to Meryl Streep, which is his entry in Stinky Lulu's Supporting Actress Blog-a-thon. If for no other reason, you should pop over there just to give StinkyLulu some love. Would you want to be called Stinky? Besides, she's even inviting you to submit your own submission to the Supporting Actress Class of 2006 -- it's your big shot at fame and glory!

I couldn't let a New Year's group hug slide by without popping over to Holland (there's one place I really want to get to some time) to check in with Peet Gelderblom's (I misspelled his name last time I linked to him - I hope I got it right this time around, Peet!) Lost in Negative Space. Of late, he's getting into posting some way cool behind-the-scenes stuff on various film projects. Peet also has a site called 24 Lies a Second, where he's writing some film criticism. Check this site out, if for not other reason than because they found a reason to have the words "Kwisatz Haderach" on the main page.

Let's pop on down to Peru to check in with my fave Spanish-language blog, Cinencuentro, where I know just enough Spanish to know that they're writing about Pan's Labyrinth (awesome film, go see it this weekend when it opens wide). If you read Spanish, pop on down and give Laslo and the guys some love.

Time to spread a little sunshine to our horror friends, where The Horror Blog has all kinds of stuff to satisfy your inner horror geek. The Horror Blog led me to an interview over at Skull King with professional horror geek Mike Bracken ( I wonder if that's a job description on this year's tax forms?). In case you've ever wondered what it's like to be an official professional horror geek, here's a link to Mike's personal site as well.

We'll pop briefly over at Las Vegas to check in with Josh Bell over at Signal Bleed, once of my regular morning reads because he hates pretty much everything I love, so reading him gets my blood pressure pumping. I mean, seriously, he's currently dissing on Little Children and Perfume. He is fair-minded enough to say he's willing to give Children of Men another chance, so we'll award bonus points for that. Also, he has The Puffy Chair and Thank You For Smoking, films I really liked, on his top ten list, so he can't be all bad -- but wait? What's that? V for Vendetta in your top ten list, Josh? Oof. On the plus side, his stuff is well-written, even when I disagree with it, and he keeps me interested, so I keep coming back for more.

As always, folks, if you have your own film blogs you'd like us to consider for a group hug, send an email to kim (at) cinematical (dot) com with the subject like FILM BLOG GROUP HUG and your blog info in the body.