To survive in this business you must have confidence and be resilient -- an agent told me this four years ago and I live by it each day. To survive in the film industry, resiliency will help you persevere even during the toughest of times. This advice works at any level in this business, even Hollywood's top agencies abide by it. ICM took a hard hit on Wednesday when two long-time agents Robert Newman and Matt Solo became partners at Endeavor talent.

A spokesman at ICM told Variety that the departure was a kind one, but despite this fact, they've still lost their head of motion pictures and TV lit department. The client roster that Newman created contained huge names such as Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) and Robert Rodriguez, whose double horror feature with Quentin Tarantino has people talking and anticipating its release.

Why would an individual who has worked so long with a company choose to leave for another high profile agency position? Newman's reason was simple: he desired "a change in scenery" while Solo looked forward to reconnecting with former ICM agents and partners who left the agency before he did. Other rumors have spawned from the shift but none of which are worth repeating as they bear no fact whatsoever.

In this article alone there are nearly five shifts -- not including Solo and Newmans' new titles at Endeavor -- from agents formerly at ICM. This kind of moving around happens constantly within agencies. In the last two years UTA had a slew of agents depart; Dan Aloni (feature literary) Jason Heyman (talent) and Martin Lesak (TV literary) all left to work for CAA in 2006.

"ICM has just experienced a year of tremendous growth, and this path will continue," an ICM spokesperson stated. Thus, resiliency and confidence is necessary in order to keep even these enormous companies afloat while they take numerous internal hits. I'm just curious as to what clients left with Newman and Solo, and who ICM is now scrambling to keep on their rosters.

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