Last week, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists (which includes our own Kim Voynar as a member, and which shouldn't be confused with the Women Film Critics Circle) announced the nominees for their first ever EDA Awards. Thankfully, for those of us who can't get enough from this awards season, it took the group only five days to announce the winners. Let me be the first to say that Borat was robbed of the coveted award for "Best Depiction of Nudity or Sexuality". The winner of that curious category was instead Little Children.

The winners of the other creatively conceived categories include Jesus Camp for the "Don't Stick Your Head in the Sand" award, Uma Thurman for the "Actress Most in Need of a New Agent" award, and Marie Antoinette for the "Movie You Wanted to Love But Just Couldn't" prize. Other unique mentions include Deepa Mehta and her film Water for the "Hanging in There for the Best Persistence" award and Dame Helen Mirren with a special recognition award for "An Actress Defying Age and Agism." Also, the AWFJ honored Dame Judi Dench with a Lifetime Achievement Award, Cate Blanchett with an "Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Film Industry" award and Angelina Jolie with an "AWFJ Award for Humanitarian Activism."

Oh, and they gave "Best ... " type awards too. The group picked Pan's Labyrinth as their top film, Half Nelson as the best screenplay written by a woman (Anna Boden), Mirren and Meryl Streep as best actresses (dramatic and comedic, respectively), Jennifer Hudson as best support, Abigail Breslin for her breakthrough performance and Little Miss Sunshine for best ensemble.

Check out the AWFJ site for more winners, including a "Best of the Fests" list and a "Hall of Shame" list (Mel Gibson got one for calling a female police officer "sugar tits").

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