Last year I actually went into a Circuit City on Black Friday. I still wake up in a cold sweat every once in a while, so obviously you won't see me pawing through the DVD stacks the day after Thanksgiving. Or doing anything that involves the words "retail," "lines" or "doorbusters." But that's not to say you can't have a ball struggling against a ceaseless mass of bargain-hungry human flesh if you want to. As a matter of fact, I'll even help out: Here's what you'll find at the big stores, movie-wise, come post-Turkey Day. And if you can get in, snag some good flicks and get out with no hassle -- then you've earned your goodies.

At Circuit City you can get any of the following for $2.99 apiece: The Cat in the Hat, Charlie's Angels, Dance with Me, Godzilla, Hulk, Intolerable Cruelty, Natural Born Killers, Red Dragon, Spy Game, The Sweetest Thing, Total Recall and Wimbledon. For $8.99 each you can also pick from Chicken Little, Click, Grey's Anatomy S1, The Little Mermaid, Monster House, The Office S1, The Polar Express and X-Men 3. CC is also offering a pretty solid sale that lasts over the weekend, one that includes several 2 for $8 titles, several excellent $5.99 choices and a whole bunch of multi-disc sets that are a lot cheaper than usual.

OK, so by this time you've already spent about 3.2 hours struggling to grapple some DVDs at Circuit City, which means it's probably about 8:10am and you can now head on over to Best Buy, which is where you'll find...

For $2.99 each: 50 First Dates, Bad Boys 2, Big Fish, Hitch, Jerry Maguire, Groundhog Day, A Knight's Tale, Matilda, My Best Friend's Wedding, Something's Gotta Give and (just what the holiday season needs) White Chicks. (I recommend the Fish.) If you have another $7.99 you can pick up either Click or Mission: Impossible 3. Best Buy is also promising all kinds of bargains over the weekend too, including a bunch of $4.99 titles and some $9.99 titles that have me double-checking my savings account. (Arrested Development S3!)

Not to be outdone, both Target and Walmart are digging deep into the bargain bin. At the former location you can get Memoirs of a Geisha or The Pink Panther for $3.98 or Elf, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and National Treasure for $5.98. At the latter you can find some DVDs for $1.88, but since I steadfastly refuse to step foot in a Walmart, I'll just have to forgo the wonderful bargains -- although they DO have Scooby-Doo 2 for only $3.44!

Anyway, if Black Friday is your thing, I hope you have a safe and violence-free day of shopping. If you're planning to pick something up for me, I still haven't bought Slither or Feast yet.

[Thanks to Home Theater Forum for the assistance.]
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