At last, it's time to vote for your favorites in Cinematical's 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest. We made a minor change to the contest: Because we got quite a few super-cute kid entries, we decided to put the kids in their own category to give them a better shot -- and their own prize package! The entrant in the Child's Costume category will receive DVDs of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown AND Monster House, along with a Cinematical t-shirt (the smallest shirt size we have is an adult small, but they make great nightshirts for little ones -- or the adult who entered the child can take it for themselves ... ).

The winning adult entry will get a Cinematical t-shirt, and the horror movie DVD collection chosen by our staff, which includes:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Session 9
Evil Dead 2
Shaun of the Dead
Darkness: The Vampire Version
The Changeling
Bubbu Ho-Tep
Young Frankenstein
Eyes Without a Face
Silent Night, Deadly Night (Parts One and Two)
The Old Dark House
The Monster Club
The Thing

Before we show you the entrants, here are the voting rules:

  • Enter your vote in the COMMENTS at the bottom of the post. Do not email your vote to us or it will not be counted.
  • You can vote for ONE child entrant and ONE adult entrant per email address. Duplicate votes will not be counted.
  • Contestants can direct as many of their friends and family to vote as they want.
  • You have until 5PMPST Saturday, November 11, to get your vote entered. Winners will be announced on Monday, November 13. Prizes will be shipped within six weeks.
That's all for the rules ... now go and VOTE!

CHILDREN'S COSTUME CATEGORY -- We had some remarkably creative kids (and their parents!) enter the contest this year. Vote for your favorite kids' costume in the comments!

1. AQUAMARINE - The cutest little mermaid this side of the deep blue sea.

2. GEPETTO AND PINOCCHIO - Rhett takes on two roles for his costume: The puppet and the puppet maker!

3. GENIE -- The I Dream of Jeannie remake may have been bottled, but 4-year-old Mary is a cute little genie-in-a-bottle just the same.

4. KILLER CLOWN -- How many kids do you know who, when asked what they want to be for Halloween, answer, "A Killer Clown from Outer Space!" Now you know at least one -- young Zachary, whose clown costume may just make us more scared of clowns than we already were.

5. KING KONG -- What kid doesn't want to be King Kong for Halloween? Jake not only got to be King Kong -- he got to be King Kong climbing the Empire State building. We love the Barbie Ann Darrow (is that the Naomi Watts version or the classic Fay Wray ... ?)

6. MONSTER HOUSE -- With one of the hottest hits of the summer being Monster House, it was a sure bet that we'd see some costumes based on the film. This young lady wanted to be a haunted house LAST year; this year she got her wish, complete with strobe lights in the windows and Fantastic Four shoe covers to add the final touch. Way cool!

7. NACHO LIBRE -- Maybe it's just us, but we think 2 1/2-year-old Gage is way cuter in those Nacho Libre tights than Jack Black. Check out how he even has his pose down pat.

8. THE WHITE WITCH -- Check out the attention to detail on this costume of The White Witch from Chronicles of Narnia -- from the dread-locky curls down to the ice crystals on her face. That's one little witch who'd better score the good Halloween candy. Turkish Delight, anyone?

9. SALLY -- A kid dressing up as Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas! How cool is that? I think we have a future Cinematical reader on our hands.


ADULT COSTUME CATEGORY -- We had some creative adult entries this year as well. Pirates of the Caribbean was a popular source of costume choices this year, but we got plenty of other movie-themed entries as well. Check them all out, then vote for your fave in the comments!

1. BORAT -- We had to crop this one to make it suitable to run on this site, but trust us -- the lime green thong swimsuit is authentic -- and there's nothing underneath it. Bonus points to this guy for having the, er, ... audacity ... to brave wearing this costume in public.

2. Interestingly, we had a plethora of kid-related adult costumes this year. This entry is Bruno the Garbage Man (from Sesame Street), carrying Oscar the Grouch (Oscar is a puppet that the person inside the costume can actually manipulate).

4. CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW #1 -- The first of our PotC entries is Captain Jack himself. With the way the ladies swoon over Johnny Depp, a Captain Jack costume has got to be a great way to meet the woman of your dreams at that Halloween party. (If voting for this entry, please specify "Captain Jack #1.)

5. CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW #2 -- Another take on Captain Jack, complete with the hat and spiffy jacket (if voting for this entry, please specify "Captain Jack #2)

6. CORPSE BRIDE -- Casey went all out for her costume depicting Emily, the Corpse Bride. From the body makeup to the blue-dyed wedding dress, she really paid attention to detail. But does her arm come off ...?

7. DAVY JONES #1 -- The first of two Davy Jones entries. If we saw this guy walking down our street at night, we'd run and hide in a hurry. Who wants to give ol' Davy a big, wet, kiss? (If voting for this entry, please specify "Davy Jones #1.)

8. DAVY JONES #2 -- Our second Davy Jones entrant really paid attention to detail -- he even photoshopped himself onto the appropriate background! (If voting for this entry, please specify "Davy Jones #2.)

9. DOC OC AND SPIDEY -- When his son Nick decided to go as Spider-Man for Halloween, Danny decided to go as Spidey's nemesis, Doc Oc! With those extra arms, we bet they grabbed lots of Halloween candy! (Love Nick's "web slinging" pose, too!)

9. DRACULA -- Calvin knows all the ladies love Dracula -- especially when he comes packaged with cool spiked hair and a spiffy outfit.

10. KROENEN FROM HELLBOY -- You want to stay out of this guy's way at the Halloween Party -- turn around fast on the dance floor, and you might just end up impaled on one of his arms. Ouch!


12. FAMILY PORTRAIT --The family that slays together, stays together.

13. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS -- If you need your hedges trimmed, just call up Gregory and ask him to come over in his Edward Scissorhands costume!

13. JACK SKELLINGTON AND SALLY -- Jack, Sally ... and their imagined love child.

14. LADY DEATHSTRIKE AND POISON IVY -- You don't want to get caught in the middle when these two lovely-but-tempermental ladies go at each other!

15. MATRIX/TERMINATOR -- Half-Matrix, Half-Terminator: Recipe for the perfect man ... or politician?

16. MAXIMUS GLADIUS -- Brian is all ready to serve Rome as Maximus Gladius -- but how's his aim throwing phones at rude hotel clerks?

17. MEDUSA -- When you come out of the salon with a hair-do like that, it's time to demand your money back. Or at least turn someone to stone.

18. MERMAID MAN and BARNACLE BOY -- You gotta give props to two guys dressing up as Spongebob Squarepants characters; I bet they're a big hit with all the single moms who know the show's theme song by heart.

19. UNDEAD SANTA SNOW GLOBE -- Anton reports that he spent two weeks, working 1-2 hours a night, on this costume. His wife suggested the idea, and we're sure he thanks her for inspiring all that hard work. Yeah, thanks for that, honey.

20. NOSFERATU -- Dracula may get the babes, but everyone backs off and lets Nosferatu be first at the buffet line at the party.

21. MR. POTATO HEAD -- The advantage of having a Mr. Potato Head costume? You can wear it after Halloween's over, to conceal that extra poundage you pack on from sneaking into the kids' candy bags after they've gone to bed. This costume was made with interchangeable features, just like the real thing!

22. THE ROYAL TENNENBAUMS -- The real question here is: How many people on the subway got that these were costumes and not just regular depressed people?

23. SADAKO -- When Sadako wants to get to the punch and cookies, you'd better get out of her way in a hurry. I hear she gets testy when she doesn't get her way.

24. SILENT HILL -- Hail, hail, the gang's all here! The Silent Hill gang, that is.

25. WILL TURNER AND ELIZABETH SWANN -- Joseph and Ashley went with the romantic choice from Pirates of the Caribbean -- Will and Elizabeth. If they ever decide to have a PotC-themed wedding, maybe we can hook them up with a Captain Davy Jones to officiate ...

26. WONDER WOMAN!!! Complete with nifty bracelets and sexy boots. 'Nuff said.

27. ZEE from MONSTER HOUSE -- Amanda decided to really scare the kids in her neighborhood -- and what's scarier than Zee, the evil babysitter? Now, if only she'd gone trick-or-treating with our Monster House entry above ...

28. ZOOT -- Another Muppets-inpsired get-up, this time the saxophone player, Zoot -- complete with toy sax!

30. TRANSFORMERS -- Why, Optimus Prime! Is that a memory stick in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

31. PAULY SHORE -- This may well be the scariest contest entry yet: Ohmigosh! It's Pauly Shore! Run for your lives, quick, before he corners you and starts bombarding you with lame jokes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

32. BENDER -- The Futurama movies may have been canned, but we still love us some Futurama -- and Bender -- around here.


WHEW! That's it for the Adult entries, Cinematical readers. Remember, you can vote for ONE child entrant and ONE adult entrant. Take a good look, decide who you think is most deserving, and give them your vote.