While throwing together this week's Trailer Park, I couldn't help but think back to one of my favorite Wonder Years episodes. See, I was a fanatical Wonder Years fan growing up. I don't think there will ever be another set of characters from a television show with whom I connect with so well. That's right, Kevin Arnold is, and will always be, my childhood hero. Admit it, you're right there with me.

Okay, so if you, like me, are a huge fan of The Wonder Years, then you should immediately remember the episode in question upon reading the following sentence: "Give me some men who are stout-hearted men, who will fight for the right they adore." Did you get it? Glee Club? Season 3, episode 16? A classic! Anyway, the following films are all about men -- stout-hearted men -- who stand up for what they believe in and refuse to give up until the job is done. Well, except, one of them is a tad on the feminine side ... but he's still driven by his passion to succeed. And that's what counts. Welcome to this week's Trailer Park:

  • I'll admit it: I'm not a big Tenacious D fan. I have friends who geek out over them and constantly try to convince me of their awesome power -- I don't really see it. Regardless, Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny finally has a trailer available. Pic, which stars Jack Black and Kyle Glass, follows the comedic rock duo as they seek out a magical guitar pick in their attempt to become the world's greatest band.
  • In Man of the Year, director Barry Levinson re-teams with Robin Williams (Good Morning, Vietnam) to bring us a comedy about a Jon Stewart-type talk show host who decides to run for President ... and wins. While the country loves this man for his quirky sense of humor, the new President must figure out whether a treasure chest of jokes are enough to lead the world's strongest nation.
  • Hey, remember that other Truman Capote film? Philip Seymour Hoffman won an Oscar for his portrayal of the author, and now Toby Jones gives his own Capote impression a spin in Infamous. Surrounded by an all-star cast that includes Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniel Craig, Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis and Sigourney Weaver, Infamous follows Capote as he begins to develop a strong bond with two convicted murderers while researching his book, In Cold Blood. Yeah, so basically it's Capote with a different cast.
  • Based on the fictional alter-ego of author Charles Bukowski, Factotum follows Hank Chinaski (Matt Dillon), a man who fancies himself a writer but ends up lost in a world full of booze, babes and gambling. In between rejection letters, Hank works low-end jobs in order to support his addictions. When he happens upon a woman (Lili Taylor) who enjoys his sense for adventure, Hank hopes to find that twinkle of inspiration which can help him climb out of life's gutter.
  • The Covenant tells the story of four families with mystical powers who have held this dangerous secret for centuries. Bound by their sacred ancestry, four teens grow up, only to use their powers to pick up girls and impress one another. That is, until a fifth family comes back to town seeking revenge for being banished long ago and, well, let the war begin.