There are only eight days left of the Seattle International Film Festival, and already I'm feeling the beginning twinge of post-fest letdown. It's rather like that feeling on Christmas morning when you were a kid, when you realized you were nearing the bottom of your present pile and slowed down to stretch it out and make it last. We're not quite to the homestretch yet, though. There are eight more days left, and there are lots of people blogging about SIFF. Let's check in to see what the buzz is.

  • James at Pacific Grits has been sharing his festival experience on his blog (and I'll forgive him the transgression of saying in his title bar that grits are better with butter and a little salt, when it's practically a scientific fact that a grit-eating experience is best enhanced with butter, sugar and a touch of cream). I'll also forgive him for calling The Puffy Chair a dud, because hey, diversity of opinion on film is what makes it interesting. He also comments on his experience of trying to enjoy an indie film debuting at the fest, after learning he was seated next to the director. I've had similar experiences -- directors asking me to please come see their film (which stresses me out, because what if I hate it? And then they ask me what I thought? And whether I'm going to review it? Arrrrgh -- the pressure!). So I can relate to your sentiment, James, but seriously. Try sugar on your grits, dude.
  • Checking in with Pop Culture-A-Go-Go, praderwilli has seen 61 films so far, putting me to shame. I think I've caught 20 some-odd at this point. Recent likes: Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man (I STILL have not seen that film, dammit!), Seven Swords, and Shinobi, which I am seeing tomorrow. Some interesting color commentary as well on various projection glitches and catastrophes, and a rude audience member encounter. I think they should pass out Star Trek laser guns to vaporize rude audience members, but this being liberal Seattle, maybe that wouldn't go over so well.
  • Who Killed the Electric Car? I don't know, because that is yet another film that's not fit into my viewing schedule. Fortunately for you, though, Jamie at I Am the Rain King has seen the doc, and has his take on it for your reading pleasure, along with reviews of some other SIFF films he's caught.
  • Shayan over at On Shayan's Mind has some thoughts on the SIFF films he's been seeing, including The District (I've been hearing good things about that one) and VishwaThulasi. He's not seen nearly as many flicks as praderwilli, but hey, he's an MBA student, so we'll cut him some slack. This time.
  • Throwing some love The Stranger's way, they have tons of SIFF coverage going down, from their SIFF Cliff Notes (for those too lazy to actually go see the films), and some captivating Slog entries on the happenings around the fest. Also, they recommend several films I also would give a big rec to, including 13 (Tzameti), Adam's Apples, and Quinceañera.
  • Imaginary boy embracey, over on Seattle pop-culture jewel Three Imaginary Girls, finally posted some more SIFF thoughts. He has some lovely dissertations on the long lines, the restroom conditions (the ladies rooms are always clean, so that must be a guy thing), and the cutesy SIFF pre-show promos. He has thoughts on The Illusionist, The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, and Ryan Gosling's underwear shot in Half Nelson (which made me almost snort latte out my nose because, I must admit, I had the same thought embracey did about that scene and Gosling's, er, nelson).
  • Pictures, pictures, who wants pictures? In spite of my best intentions, I have yet to post a photoblog myself, mainly because I keep forgetting my camera. But other folks who are far better organized (and, no doubt, far better photographers than I) have you covered. Check out the official SIFF flickr pics, as well as some stellar SIFF pics from other folks like the amazing Roya, who took the pic you see above.